Garvey, Clement face off

Arlington County Board candidates Audrey Clement (left) and Libby Garvey listen to a question posed at the Arlington County Civic Federation candidate forum held Sept. 6, 2016.

A candidate for Arlington County Board says the board’s recent actions restricting guns on county-government sites assures only that “future targets of gun violence are unable to defend themselves on public property.”

“I’m afraid that the current County Board, led by my opponent Libby Garvey, is endangering the citizens it has sworn to protect,” candidate Audrey Clement said following the vote.

Clement, an independent, is challenging Democrat Garvey, as she had in 2016. That year, Garvey won a two-to-one victory.

County Board members on Sept. 12 voted 5-0 to place strong restrictions on gun possession on county-government property, both indoor and outdoors, as well as at public events that require county-government permits to operate.

Clement said supporters of the proposal miss the bigger picture.

“Activists who testified at the Sept. 12 County Board hearing insisted that gun bans are needed to make them feel safe, despite testimony from dozens of gun-rights advocates, who argued that feeling safe and being safe are not the same,” Clement said.

She pointed to the May 2019 shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach, where 12 people were killed by a disgruntled co-worker. One of those killed had a concealed-carry permit and was concerned about the co-worker, but opted against taking a weapon to work because Virginia Beach prohibited guns on city property.

Back to the Arlington situation, Clement predicted the recent action would result in a massive cost to taxpayers after the measure is challenged in court.


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Garvey has an often-expressed hatred of firearms. Local Media regularly report assaults on multi-purpose trails where firearms are now prohibited. There has been no news from County Government about increased law enforcement presence on trails and in parks. Probably you are safe if you walk the trails in a group. Probably not safe to walk the trails alone.


Inside Nova / SG is getting to be like the other Arlington news blog. Anyone who presents information contrary to Party dogma gets trashed. Journalism? WHAT "Journalism"?

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