Ann Wheeler

Ann Wheeler

Prince William County business leaders are calling for new leadership in local government with the latest endorsements from the Prince William Chamber Political Action Committee.

Announced Oct. 15, the endorsements include support for nine Democrats and five Republicans, and no endorsement in several key legislative races.

Most notably, the PAC has endorsed six Democrats for the eight-member Board of County Supervisors. Currently, Republicans lead the board 6-2.

A lot of different factors went into making these endorsements, said Brian Gordon, chairman of the Prince William Chamber PAC's Board of Trustees.

"Our Board of Trustees worked and debated diligently over the selection of these candidates and we believe that they will be strong advocates for pro-business policies moving forward into the future," Gordon said.

The chamber endorsed Democrat Ann Wheeler, a Haymarket resident seeking the open seat for at-large chairman. Wheeler is facing Republican John Gray and independent candidates Muneer Baig and Don Scoggins.

The chamber also endorsed Danny Funderburk, a Democrat challenging Republican Supervisor Pete Candland in the Gainesville District. 

Two Democrats won endorsements in competitive races for open seats on the board, included Raheel Sheikh in the Coles District and Andrea Bailey in the Potomac District. The PAC endorsed two Democrats who are running unopposed in November, Neabsco District Supervisor Victor Angry and Margaret Franklin in the Woodbridge District.

The chamber’s PAC endorsed one Republican for a board seat: incumbent Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Anderson. They offered no endorsement in the Brentsville District race between incumbent Republican Jeanine Lawson and Democrat Maggie Hansford.


The Chamber PAC offered just a handful of endorsements among several competitive races on the ballot for the General Assembly.

In the Senate, they endorsed four incumbents: Republican Sen. Richard Stuart, 28th, and Democratic Sens. Jeremy McPike, 29th; Scott Surovell, 36th; and George Barker, 39th.

In races for the House of Delegates, the chamber endorsed Manassas City Councilman Ian Lovejoy, a Republican challenging Del. Lee Carter in the 50th District. 

Lovejoy has made support for economic development and local employers an important part of his campaign. Carter has been critical of state and local support for expanding businesses in the district, including Micron’s $3 billion expansion in the city.

Other endorsements included incumbent Republican Del. Tim Hugo, 40th, and Democratic Del. Luke Torian, 52nd. 

"On behalf of the Prince William Chamber PAC's Board of Trustees I can say that these candidates have our strong support and will promote continuing to make our region the best in the Commonwealth for business to come and grow," said Prince William Chamber PAC Executive Director Ross Snare.

The chamber declined to endorse either candidate in four key races where Democrats will be running for re-election: Dels. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd; Del. Danica Roem, D-13th; Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st; and Del. Hala Ayala, D-51st.

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We are so screwed. Thanks Corey Stewart, you personally destroyed the county beyond repair now!


Welcome to Prince William County, Virginia where all roads lead to Mexico.

The true story of the epic tragic collapse of 288 years of American heritage into a no-speak-English society of takers which, while they stand there smiling Western Union wire transfers millions of no-tax-paid dollars back to their homelands everyday.

Offended by all of this? Tell it to the homeless that are begging at most of Prince William County street intersections. Explain how well International Socialistic Liberalism and Democratic leadership works to their children and families. Just say, “So sorry, but that's the way things go.” and “Better luck next time.” They'll understand.


Not sure there are homeless people at most intersections in PWC, but a majority of the ones that I have seen appear to drug users, most likely Opioids. Doubt they were forced into that lifestyle by Mexicans


How did you arrive at this “expert” conclusion? Count the track marks on their arms? One on one roving interviews?

Even though you meant your second remark for another purpose you are right on track about the Mexicans. It's called the drug cartel. The ones that are sucking billions of American dollars down the drain by shipping massive amounts of drugs into America.

You know the same organized criminals and politicians in Mexico and the United States that are doing everything they can to stop President Trump from doing anything to bring the situation under control.

Next time you're out and about tell some or all of those street corner drug users that The Chamber of Commerce says, “Don't give up because help is on the way soon!” courtesy of the liberal Prince William County Democrats.


Actually, the current opioid epedemic is a result of folks be over-prescribed. That little fact was recently published by the US Commission on combatting Drugs and the Opioid Crisis (created by Trump btw). Try as you may, you cant blame Mexicnas for all if the snaggle-toothed homeless folks around PWC.



Actually you are wrong. While there is no doubt that doctors run amok with prescriptions are a large contributing factor to the drug crisis our nation is dealing with it is far from being the largest, thus the most devastating participant. The drug cartels formed from Hispanics, Asians, Persian countries and China collectively funnel their poisons into the United States with Mexico serving as their main staging point for the entire operation. It dwarfs the prescriptions problem in size.

You will not hear or read that kind of information from any liberal source because it flies directly into their faces as the primary supporters of open borders for an endless list of self propelling and political reasons. I am not any more impressed by what the US Commission on com-batting Drugs and the Opioid Crisis has to say than I am anything else the deep state swamp has to offer.

But to yet another point of your comment. Hearkening back to the days when Obama was president I remember your defenses of him were often with all capital letters fire and fury, but somehow you always managed to come down off of oxygen and wrap things up with a modicum of decency that most of your fellow comrades were not capable of or willing to do. I commended you often for this.

Your snagle-toothed homeless remark is nothing but gutter-talk-sniping that surprised and disappointed my faith in you. It does not compliment you in the least. But it does represent one of the reasons that the voters are going to hammer the liberal Democrats with a vengeance in November of next year. People do not like those who treat others like dirt for any reason. You of all the readers I've known on this publication know and understand the truth of how much that radicalism stings. Why is it then you now choose that kind of heartlessness as your own way too?


This county has been going to the dogs thanks to the Dems. We need more Republicans in office, at every level, to be on the right path again!


Okay, this should be a good one. How did the Democrats screw up PWC? Republicans have overwhelmingly controlled the BOCS for years, 6-2 this year, and a Republican has been in the chairmans seat for 20 years. Republicans have approved every housing development, adding to more traffic congestion. It is the GOP that have been taking the county down our current path for years.


Why are people so upset about this endorsement? It’s only one opinion by a business PAC. The only endorsement that matters is that from the voters who actually cast their ballots. If you don’t like the PAC’s endorsement, then go to the polls and vote.



From the National Chamber of Commerce's website. “The idea of a national institution to represent the unified interests of U.S. business first took shape when President William Howard Taft, in a message to Congress on December 7, 1911, addressed the need for a "central organization in touch with associations and chambers of commerce throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in a closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs."

How has and is selling out Prince William County to immigrants keeping purely American business interests in closer touch with America? We are not now a majority minority county because that's what we the American people wanted. We are in this miserable mess because the liberal mainstream media, politicians and Chamber(s of Commerce members betrayed their founding principles, oaths of office and promises to those they vowed to serve.

Mrs. Silence Dogood

I have been a Business owner in Prince William County for 16 years and the Prince William Chamber of Commerce or their Political Action Committee has never received an endorsement from me or my company. We will be voting for Mr. Gray, because he has commonsense ideas. We have never been so inept that we should need someone else to tell us how to vote or run our business.


Democrats are corrupt. Categorizing minorities under the guise of helping them. Keeping people down to further perpetuate the need to "represent" them. Treat people the same and hold them to the same rules the rest of society has to abide by. Build people up and make thier country a better place to live. Identity politics and handouts do nothing but divide us and bring us down.

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