Four Democrats in the race for the party’s nomination in 2020 hold a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump in Virginia, according to a new University of Mary Washington statewide survey.

The survey was conducted Sept. 3-15 for UMW by Research America Inc., before the Sept. 24 announcement by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Congress would consider impeachment charges against President Trump, according to a news release.

The results found former Vice President Joe Biden had a 55% to 37% margin over Trump among all respondents. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a 53% to 38% margin over Trump, as did Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. California Sen. Kamala Harris, the fourth Democratic candidate considered in the Virginia survey, had a 50% to 38% margin over the president.

The remaining respondents were uncertain or declined to express a favorite in those head-to-head match-ups.

Registered voters in the survey expressed similar preferences. Among the 882 registered voters in the survey, all four candidates retained their double-digit advantages over Trump, including Biden (55% to 38%), Warren and Sanders (both 52% to 39%) and Harris (50% to 39%). 

The four Democratic candidates compared to Trump in the Mary Washington survey were among the top candidates as measured in national surveys conducted in recent months.

“The latest Mary Washington survey demonstrates that Donald Trump faces an uphill battle in Virginia next year against a range of possible challengers,” said Stephen J. Farnsworth, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington and director of its Center for Leadership and Media Studies. “While a lot can change in 14 months, these are not encouraging results for Trump and other Republicans who might be on the ballot with him next year.”

In the Biden-Trump match-up, the president faces a significant gender gap in Virginia, as women said they favored Biden by a 60-31% margin, while men split for Biden by a 49-43% margin. 

Whites split almost evenly between Biden and Trump, while African Americans favored Biden by an 84-10% margin and Latino Americans favored him by a 58-32% margin, with the rest undecided.

Biden had a huge advantage over Trump in Northern Virginia, where the former vice president enjoys a 69% to 26% margin.

“Negative reactions in Virginia to the Trump presidency helped propel Democratic candidates to major victories in the 2017 House of Delegates and the 2018 Congressional elections,” Farnsworth said. “The results in the survey suggest that at this point 2020 is looking to be yet another tough year for the GOP in the Old Dominion.”

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All of the expert's fuzzy math had Hillary Clinton crushing Trump right up until midnight on Election Day. That's when some poor soul had to explain to her that Trump ran over her coronation like a steam roller.

It appears that the good professor hasn't been listening to the news or the warnings of the leaders in the Democrat Party. Consider first the fact that the only thing the Democrats have accomplished since President Trump took office is subject our entire nation to the non-stop physical and mental stress of their dysfunctional hate filled desire to destroy President Trump, his family as well as disenfranchise 63 plus million citizens vote.

Second, day before yesterday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi conceded that the Democrats will probably loose control of the House of Representatives because of their impeachment. The day before saying this Ms. Pelosi refused to call a vote of the full house instead directed 6 committees to proceed post haste. She forgot to mention that the reason she didn't bring the impeachment process up for the House to vote on is because she knows that she does not have enough support from members of her own party to get it passed. The holdouts are Democrats that have been warning her that impeaching Trump will not only cost them the House but also hit the Democrat Party extremely hard in elections throughout our nation. But Ms. Pelosi says that it's worth that price because she (they) will have done the right thing for our nation.

Tag Line: Nancy Pelosi didn't survive 34+ years in the swamp by being stupid. If anyone is going to come out of this mess as hero it will not be some wannabe bar maid from New York. And on her way out the door to California she can laugh and blow some kisses goodbye to Chucky, good old slow Joe, AOC and the remaining three of the squad.

2020 will definitely be a tough year but it will not be for President Trump or the Republican Party.

For Virginia? Who cares?


Agreed...Remember "There's not a chance in hates that Trump will win the election?" People laughed, Newscasters scoffed the chance of Trump winning...

This poll is like all the rest....Pretty much worthless..


It's always the confounding variables that news reports ignore when they have something that fits the narrative they want to advance. Was this a phone survey, mail or email? What was the response rate? What about "likely voters"? What are the internals that would reduce the confidence level of the result?

But also, we're still a year+ away from the election so what difference does this really make?


Oh come on! Can't you envision how much better off we will all be if Bernie or Pocahontas or Lunch Bucket Joe get to team up with Pelosi to run things?


Usually when someone writes a 300 word response on a topic (see above comment), they actually DO care[whistling]


Swandive: In the old days schools normally produced students that usually understood common sense by the end of the 4th grade.

These days students after 20–24 years of remedial 2 year college classes still can't construct a simple sentence or keep a job longer than two weeks.

Yet now with a slew of common usual New York Times snarky talking points they're 100% certain they were clever and smart enough to convince 63+ million loquacious dumb Republicans that a doddering old fool or a raised in a certified wigwam Indian squaw are going to save the world from President Trump on election day.

So here we are a time when what care means depends on what your definition of care is just like is was and probably still is with Bill Clinton. My thoughts are that those people who believe that the liberal Democrats actually care about them and their dreams, their wants and their needs are in for a real sad awakening. They do not understand that there is only one (1) thing that the liberal mainstream media and Democrat leaders care about. That is the total destruction of President Trump before election day 2020 regardless of what they have to do to force it to happen.

That's what the last 2 ½ years of dragging the United States of America through a living hell without any success has been about. Now it is post haste sheer panic full speed ahead for the next year and one month. Hence the reason behind this faux Mary Washington survey and Inside Nova's publication of the above article.

Sure my comments have been longer than what is (you / others) considered usual. Are you afraid that some of the things I've written might cause a few lost sheep to stop and think more carefully about who cares and who doesn't give a damn?


Funny! Started to post a comment about who exactly is it that’s being polled and POOF my comment vanishes! So we now have a line on what we’re allowed to ask.


I’d suggest all republican candidates for local, state and national elections just dress up in black face or kkk outfits that way the liberal socialist democrats will support them just like they did with the racist governor and his racist AG


If you dislike the policies and actions of trump and the Republicans then please vote straight Democratic in the 2019 statewide and 2020 national elections.


It’s never a good idea to vote for a political party. People should educate themselves and vote for the individual. As much as I dislike the President’s tweets and mouth, I’m pleased with the state of the economy and our current right to work state. For Virginia politics, I’ll vote for anyone against eliminating the right to work. I had to belong to a union in another state and hated it. My dues increased which lined the pockets of rich union bosses and lawyers. They lived like CEOs and attended expensive conferences. Vote for the person, not a straight party ticket. Be intelligent.


You are right on target with everything you said except for your first sentence.

There was a long period of time when people could depend on their political party honoring their wishes and respecting their philosophies of life. Always voting for the same party actually helped keep the government's power fairly well balanced as time past by.

That bond and that trust between the people, the news media and both political parties has been massively betrayed by members of both parties and the entire party when it comes to the Democrats. It is impossible to embrace International Socialism and all of it's hatreds of America while claiming that is the best way for Americans to live.

Sadly too many people still believe that they are doing the right thing by staying faithful to an unfaithful partner or organization.


Yea these polls are worthless. Because hopefully at this time next year the traitor Trump will be in Leavenworth along with the rest of his corrupt family and as many of his equally corrupt and traitorous cabinet as the facility will hold.

Vote Democrat in 2020 and Make America Not Embarrassing Again.


Leavenworth is where Obama era military brass send soldiers after they charge them with murder for killing innocent civilians that were burying roadside IEDs that kill our troops.

Perhaps someday you will be lucky enough to be the guest of some soldier's family while they're waiting on the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base for their son's and daughters to come home. In body bags.

Better still perhaps their sons and or daughters survived the blast and you could see a few of them up close in the Veterans Hospital in Washington, DC. Take a barf bag with you Pal because I do not think you have the stomach to cheer up a soldier that has half of his or her face missing and what is there was the result of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Now whip out another snarky remark about who and what is worthless and who or what isn't.

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