Del. Elizabeth Guzman is considering a run for lieutenant governor in the 2021 statewide elections.

Guzman has represented the 31st District since she was first elected in the Democratic wave in 2017.

A Peruvian immigrant and one of the first Latinas to win a seat in the House of Delegates, Guzman delivered the Democratic response to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address in 2018.

“After building overwhelming statewide support in her run to become Virginia’s first Latina DNC member, Delegate Guzman is exploring a run to become the first woman and first Hispanic person to serve as Virginia's lieutenant governor with a potential Labor Day launch,” said Katie Baker, a spokeswoman for Guzman. “She will first engage in conversations with leaders in her Latino community as well as leaders in the Black, AAPI, LGBTQ+, immigrant and other marginalized communities; her labor union (AFSCME) and other labor unions; leaders in the Democratic Party, local Democratic committees, environmental and other progressive groups, grassroots activists, local elected officials and her supporters before coming to a decision. Their work over the past four years was instrumental in her election and re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates.”

If Guzman runs for lieutenant governor, it could leave a second seat open representing the Prince William County area in the House of Delegates. 

Rep. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd District, announced in May that she is seeking the party's nomination for governor.

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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Del. Guzman’s inner circle needs to be honest with her. Her time in office has been absolutely painful for her constituents! So please don’t encourage her to take the mess she’s made on the road.

Lawson is clueless

Oh my GOD! Del Guzman has a healthy ego. Does she really think the constituents want her representing them on a state level!

Lynne June

As a newer citizen, I’m glad Guzman feels enthusiastic about her civic participation. I just hope that she’s not only supporting those who are marginalized, nor just the unions, but all of her constituents.

Antonio Marisol

Elizabeth Guzman does NOT speak for the legal Latino community. Her main priority is helping those who have broken the law to escape the consequences of their actions.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Well said! If I wanted the U.S. to “behave” like my country of origin, I wouldn’t have become an American. E. Guzman suffers a similar affliction as Ilhan Omar, A. Ocasio-Cortez, H. Clinton & Nancy Pelosi. Their allegiance to the Democrat Party is far stronger than their allegiance to our country! I may need to run, just to show my daughter what a female politician SHOULD be.

Deez Nutz

Looking at the police crime blogs already shows Guzman has had a negative effect on this county. Although I don't know if we could do much worse than the Governor and Leutient Governor we have now.


We have a Governor and Lt. Governor?

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