Lillie Jessie, left, and Babur Lateef

Lillie Jessie, left, and Babur Lateef hug at the victory party in Manassas after they both won re-election to the Prince William County School Board.

Prince William County School Board Chairman Babur Lateef earned his first full four-year term in Tuesday’s election.

Lateef, who was supported by local Democrats, received 54,123 votes, or 51.68% of the vote, with 94% of precincts reporting. Alyson Satterwhite, the current Gainesville District board member supported by the Republican Party, received 43,043 votes. And independent candidate Stanley Bender received 7,539 votes.

Leteef was elected last fall to finish the term of former Chairman Ryan Sawyers, who resigned in early 2018. This November’s ballot was a replay of the special election with the same three candidates. Lateef had nearly 48% in last November’s special election.

Lateef said he's exhausted and excited that the back-to-back elections are over. He said he's excited that Democrats picked up two additional seats on the school board.

"I think we'll do remarkable things," he said, noting the Democrats wins in other Prince William County races. "They share our values and I'm thrilled to work with the new board of county supervisors."

Lateef said Democrats want to increase spending to the school division to address overcrowding, inequity in facilities and other areas, the division's ability to improve student success, and to increase teacher pay to recruit and retain teachers.

"I think Prince William County has loudly spoken on who they wish to lead the future and they did it with a mandate; so much change in leadership [means] the county wants to go in a new direction," he said.


The school board is non-partisan, but frequently splits along party lines. That has often led to a 5-3 split with Republican-supported Satterwhite in the minority with Coles District board member Willie Deutsch and Brentsville District board member Gil Trenum, who was not seeking re-election.

In Tuesday’s election, only one GOP-backed candidate won a seat on the board: Gainesville candidate Jennifer Wall.

Board member Lillie Jessie of the Occoquan District said she was amazed at the results and called the election historic. 

"The school board will look totally different," she said. 

She said she looks forward to continue improving student learning and to address equity issues. 

Unofficial results in each race: 

Brentsville District

  • Adele Jackson: 8,185 votes

  • Shawn Brann: 7,776 votes

Coles District

  • Lisa Zargarpur: 7,742 votes

  • Willie Deutsch: 6,432 votes

  • Jacqueline Gaston: 3,587 votes

Gainesville District

  • Jennifer Wall: 8,517 votes

  • Patricia Kuntz: 7,467 votes

Neabsco District

  • Diane Raulston: 7,548 votes

  • Joe George: 2,252 votes

Occoquan District

  • Lillie Jessie: 9,965 votes

  • Karen Boyd: 7,541 votes

Board members Justin Wilk in the Potomac District and Loree Williams in the Woodbridge District were running unopposed on the ballot.

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this guy actually isnt bad..could do a lot worse for the schools


The Democrat mantra is MORE, MORE, MORE money. Gosh, I wonder if taxes will go up DRAMATICALLY in Prince William County.


I suspect we will soon be bussing high school kids across county to make things fair.

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