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Voters in Manassas and Manassas Park selected new local officials in Tuesday’s election.

Both cities selected three new council members, and Manassas had a school board election for three seats.

Similar to Democratic wins seen in Congress, four of the five city council candidates supported by Democrats won seats Tuesday night.

According to unofficial results, winners in the Manassas City Council race were Michelle Davis-Younger with 6,161 votes, incumbent Ken Elston with 5,991 votes, and Theresa Coates Ellis with 5,897 votes. Elston and Davis-Younger were endorsed by local Democrats.

Davis-Younger gave a tearful speech, thanking everyone who was walking, knocking on doors and praying for her. She jokingly asked again if she won just to make sure it was real.

Incumbent Marc Aveni finished fifth with 4,879 votes.

“It was a good run, but in the end, we lost. Thanks to everyone for the support!” Aveni said in a message on Facebook. “Congratulations to all the winners.”

In the Manassas City School Board race, Chairman Sanford Williams received the most votes, with 6,707, incumbent board member Tim Demeria with 6,561 votes, and Kenneth Nixon Jr. with 5,778 votes.

Nixon said Tuesday night that he is “ready to get to work.”

According to unofficial results, winners in the Manassas Park City Council race were Alanna Mensing with 2,734 votes, incumbent Preston Banks with 2,392 votes, and Haseeb Javed with 2,042 votes. Mensing and Javed were endorsed by local Democrats.

Javed said he “can’t wait to get started.”

Incumbent Michael Carrera finished fourth with 1,748 votes.

Mensing thanked the voters, her husband and the mayor of Manassas Park, Jeanette Rishell.

Mensing said that she was shocked and excited to win and described her campaign as a long several months. She said that the hard part begins now.

Marcy Settle, a Democratic Party volunteer at Baldwin Elementary School, noted that people coming to vote were “very positive and very receptive.”

She saw one woman who came to the polls without an umbrella in the heavy rain and just had a knee replacement. “People are inspired to vote,” Settle said.

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