Hal Parrish

Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish will not seek re-election this November. The mayor has served in that role since 2009 and been on council since 1993. He made the announcement Wednesday night and spoke with InsideNoVa on Thursday.

Parrish declined to give a specific reason for the decision, but said he started to come to it not long after he won his third term in 2016. The year prior, he had lost his bid for the state senate to Jeremy McPike. 

“There are lots of pieces to come into a decision like that, obviously I love this community. It’s the community I grew up in, it’s the community I will continue to live in and want to support and make it the best it can be,” Parrish said, adding that among his proudest accomplishments were building a new Baldwin Elementary School, rebuilding Osbourn High School, constructing an overpass on Wellington Road over the train tracks and a new lane on Centreville Road. “There’s lots more to be done and good people, capable people, need to be doing it. So I’m hopeful for the city and remain willing and able to move the city forward.”

Parrish also saw the city’s political make-up shift drastically. When he was first appointed to the city council in 1993, no Democrats held seats. But in 2018, they won a majority on the council for the first time in the city’s history. At the end of last year, Councilperson Michelle Davis-Younger announced that she would be the first Democrat to challenge Parrish for the position in his tenure. He made the announcement that he would not seek a fourth term at an event with family and friends at Okra’s Cajun/Creole Restaurant in Old Town.

Parrish wouldn’t say for sure that he was done with elected office. He will continue to run the Manassas Ice & Fuel Company on Center Street. His father Harry Parrish, for whom the Old City Hall building is named, began serving on the town council in 1951, was elected to mayor in 1963 and served in that role until 1981. He then served in the Virginia House of Delegates until his death in 2006.

“Since 1951 there’s been a Parrish that has served the citizens of the City of Manassas, by the time I finish my term it’ll be pretty close to 70 years,” Parrish said. “Hopefully we’ve been good to Manassas. Certainly Manassas has been good to us.”

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Thanks for the overcrowding. What do you think was going to happen?

Tom Fitzpatrick

Wow! What a sad day this is.

My wife and I always liked Manassas. But we love the renaissance that Manassas has undergone over the last decade.

We hope that you change your mind, Mr. Mayor. However, if you must choose a new path, I hope you take pride in the magnificent work that you have left behind.

All the best.


What a very sad day for the City of Manassas. I shudder to think what this City will become in the next decade under inexperienced leadership, values and lack of finance savvy.


Sad day

The liberal socialist democratic (repeating myself) take over will be complete once the socialist take over the mayor’s office.

Next Manassas will become an illegal alien sanctuary.


Agree. The inexperienced individual will do just as much damage to the City as the inexperienced individual who was voted in for Treasurer.

Allen Muchnick

Thank you for your service to the people of Manassas, Mayor Parrish! You can take pride that the City of Manassas is a well-managed, equitable, prosperous, and livable community with a promising future.


This crook forever change a town that has been here for 200 years. Your leadership will come to harm this town for years to come. Good day sir.

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