Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring at a 2017 debate.

A few candidates balked Friday at the idea of deciding their 2019 election plans before the holiday. Meanwhile, Mark Herring is planning for 2021, announcing his intention to run for governor of Virginia years from now.

Currently serving his second term as the state’s attorney general, Herring confirmed his plans to The Washington Post on Friday.

“I’ve been really honored to play a part in building a safer, stronger, more economically dynamic and inclusive Commonwealth as a county supervisor, a state senator, and as attorney general, and I think the best way to continue that work would be as Governor,” he told the paper.

In 2013, Herring won by less than 1,000 votes of 2.2 million cast. Four years later, he won by more than 175,000 votes, with 53.3 percent of the vote.

Herring is making his plans early, but there will likely be more candidates in the race. The Post notes Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and former congressman Tom Perriello also are potential candidates.

Read more of The Washington Post report.

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Great! This should complete Virginia’s descent into a welfare/socialist state, and one which will become a haven for illegal aliens and those individuals wanting only criminals to have guns! Yeah Virginia!


Herring is awful. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he has no desire to uphold our laws. If he's the best dems have to offer up, they are in deep trouble. Horrible.

Allen Muchnick

Mark Herring has been a first-rate attorney general and will make an excellent governor! Justin Fairfax should run for attorney general in 2021.

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