Democrats are more energized ahead of this November's elections for the General Assembly that will be key in determining control of Virginia’s legislative bodies, according to a new survey from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.

Democratic enthusiasm for the election is at 62%, compared to 49% for Republicans.

Democrats lead Republicans by 13 points on the generic ballot test among likely voters, 49% to 36% and voters prefer that Democrats control the General Assembly after the election, 53% to 37%, powered by a 17-point advantage among Independents. 

Gov. Ralph Northam’s approval is at 51%, while President Trump’s approval is at 37%. 

Questions on gun control, health care, minimum wage, abortion and other topics show voters focused on both national and state issues, and significantly more likely to vote for candidates who support Democratic Party positions, according to a CNU news release.

See more from the survey at the Wason Center for Public Policy.

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Interesting poll. Given that people screen their calls these days, I wonder how valid these polls are? I’ve always questioned their purpose.


It looks like the good purveyor professor of trying to rescue panic stricken liberals at Mary Washington has called in some favors. No one was buying the flood of his recent polls eagerly published by this and sister news website articles. Maybe they'll slip and buy into this one?

Christopher Newport University is a public liberal arts university in Newport News, Virginia. It is the youngest comprehensive university in the commonwealth of Virginia.

It was founded as an extension of the College of William & Mary.

Student Profiles and Demographics

- 44% male, 56% female

- 7% African American

- 3% Asian American or Pacific Islander

- 7% Hispanic American

- 24% of the 2017–2018 freshman class were minority students

- 0.12% representing 30 other countries

- There is no mention of the percentage of Caucasians

These figures adds up to 41.2% leaving 58.8% unaccounted for.

It also means that at least 60% of those polled were probably liberal female minorities that strongly favor the International socialistic radical liberal mindset typical of what colleges and universities teach throughout our nation today.

I would consider this and similar articles good news. The liberals have pulled out all of their stops. They are throwing everything they can think of, including the kitchen sink and their babies bath water at President Trump now.

This is the big one, there is no turning back and it must work else their entire operation is doomed.




Enough Republican obstruction - Turn Virginia BLUE in 2019.


Not sure who they polled but as most polls go, pretty much worthless.


No way on Earth do 67% of Virginians support an assault weapons ban. This is outright false.


I know that at least one poster on this site is being sarcastic but there are more important things to support other than assault weapons bans. Try keeping the VA economy business friendly for jobs and keeping VA a right to work state for employees as more important issues.

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