Paul Ebert

Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert

After serving more than 50 years as Prince William County’s top prosecutor, Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert announced he will not seek re-election in November.

Ebert told InsideNoVa on Tuesday that his doctor advised him against seeking re-election this November. "It's been a good ride for me and I'll be here for the rest of my term," he said.

First elected in 1968, Ebert has prosecuted some of the state’s most infamous trials, including Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammad, who was executed in 2009.

Ebert also prosecuted Lorena Bobbitt in the infamous case where the woman cut off her husband’s penis. Bobbitt was acquitted on charges of malicious wounding due to temporary insanity.

Nokesville lawyer and former prosecutor Amy Ashworth announced in January that she plans to seek the Democratic nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Ebert said he doesn't have any plans to leave the county after his term is up.

"The people of Prince William County have been good to me and I think I've been good to them," he said.

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Mr. Ebert, I have been a PWC resident since 1966. First as a child and now as an adult. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to PWC over the years.


He actually retired 19 years ago, he just kept showing up to work so he could collect a check.

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