2019 Prince William County Elections

Four years ago, the last time Prince William County voters selected a full set of state legislative representatives, county supervisors and school board members, along with a sheriff and a commonwealth’s attorney, the election was downright underwhelming.

Republicans cruised to a 6-2 majority on the Board of County Supervisors, with three Republican members running unopposed. 

And although Democrat Jeremy McPike defeated Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish, a Republican, in a hotly contested state Senate race, Republicans in the House of Delegates also had a pretty good night. 

But the story changed two years later.

In 2017, Democrats offered challengers in House races that hadn’t been competitive in decades and busted fundraising records across the region, leading to an Election Night “blue wave” that swept four local incumbent delegates out of their once-safe seats.

Suggesting that 2017 wasn’t a fluke, congressional and municipal races in 2018 found Democrats picking up more seats up and down the ballot, including the 10th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, along with two other congressional seats in Virginia, and flipping control of the Manassas City Council for the first time.

The stakes have only climbed ahead of Election Day, Nov. 5. Republicans are hanging on to control of the state’s Senate by 21-19 and the House of Delegates by 51-49, with competitive races across Prince William potentially determining which party will control the General Assembly.

Even in the minority, Democrats found success on campaign promises like expanding Medicaid, but a Democratic majority would mean control of the committee process that sidelined a wide range of progressive bills, including workers’ rights and broader criminal justice reform.

“No one expected we’d flip 15 seats. All of us ran on Medicaid expansion and teacher funding. They were killed year after year,” said Del. Elizabeth Guzman, who defeated an eight-term incumbent in the 31st District in 2017. “It took the 2017 delegates to be elected and tell Republicans there is a breath of fresh air in this legislature and we came here to get things done.”

This year’s elections will be pivotal in terms of the future direction of Virginia, said Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and international affairs at the University of Mary Washington.

“There is a lot of pent up Democratic policy preferences that will be considered far more seriously than has been the case in the past,” Farnsworth said, pointing to gun legislation as an example.

Because Virginia is one of the few states to hold elections in odd number years, it’s seen as a leading political indicator for national trends, Farnsworth said, adding that means both parties are hoping to brag about the results of this November’s election. 

As of Oct. 28, more than 7,110 people had cast their ballots during absentee voting, according to the Prince William County Office of Elections.

Locally, voters will be picking candidates in six open races, including a successor for Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert, who has held the position since 1968.

On the Board of County Supervisors, at least four seats will be filled by new members, including the four-way-race for chairman. Republican Corey Stewart won the countywide election with 56.8% four years ago, but that was before recent elections proved no Republican seat was safe.

In 2016, county voters backed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 57% to 37%, and when Stewart was back on the ballot in 2018 as a U.S. Senate candidate, Prince William soundly rejected the board chairman and instead supported Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine 65% to 33%.

Similarly telling, this year’s uncontested supervisor races are safely in Democratic hands, with Republicans defending each of their six seats. The Prince William Chamber PAC, a group focused on business priorities, endorsed six Democrats for the county board, including Democrat Ann Wheeler for board chairman.

The races for the Prince William School Board are nonpartisan by design, but the parties support their slate of candidates.

Former chairman Ryan Sawyers resigned in early 2018 and was replaced in a special election by ophthalmologist Babur Lateef. That three-person race is back on the ballot in November, with the same candidates running for a full four-year term.

Voters will also decide the fate of $355 million in proposed funding for road projects, including $200 million for Va. Route 28, along with $41 million that would be spent on park improvements.

Prince William supervisors approve $355M road bond question

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Once the Democrats take both sides of the house in Richmond they will revoke Virginia "right to work" status so the unions can come in and take over. That and make Infanticide the rule of the land so it's legal to kill babies right after birth. That and make Virginia a sanctuary state so our schools are overrun with MS-13 gang bangers. That and install the CommonWealth's version of the "New Green Deal" and double our gas and electric bills. That and approve so many new spending plans that our taxes will be higher than they pay in New York and California.

And they plan to redistrict all schools zones and start busing kids all over the place so they hide their failing school numbers. Oh and they will legalize recreational marijuana too!

This is what you are voting for next week.



What a surprise, buggy and his idiotic fear-mongering zombie apocalypse delusion.


Mrs. Silence Dogood

timt- You can say that all day long but, The democrats definitely have an agenda to move the commonwealth in a terrible direction. Most, if not all are on record for not wanting to cooperate with the federal government to remove criminals from PW county and it is also FACT that every single democrat is in support for abortion up to birth for any reason.

If you believe in science facts, not theory, life begins at conception, Good leaders , like good mothers and fathers would never kill their children.

Women & Children deserve leaders who will stand up for life, all the time.


Geez, another loony-bin spouting extremist gibberish that has no basis in reality.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Agree. All you have to do is look at the bills the Democrats supported this year. Look 'em up on VPAP or the LIS website!


so they'll vote based on record and from what i see..they all have not done squat

Sic Semper Tyrannis

You're exactly right. for example, Del. Ayala had NONE of her bills pass this year. delegateayalasrecord.com


Most of these folks are fear-mongering, and name calling vote for the side that doesn't rely on scare tactics and voter suppression to win.


Timt and Starman these are not loony conspiracy theories. Why don’t you try to engage in a discussion instead of name calling? Look anywhere that democrats have been in power, those cities and counties are suffering. Their policies cause a breakdown in society.


This has got to be the funniest comment of the year on this site, there is a literally a Wikipedia page of Trump's nicknames for others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nicknames_used_by_Donald_Trump


Not to mention you talk about engage in a discussion when I hear people call us DeMoNrAts, and baby-killers, and socialist commies etc. These aren't Democrats making these claims.


Citizen, so it's OK for you conservatives (like buggy and Mrs. Silence above among many others on this site) to call ALL Democrats baby killers and MS-13 supporters who want completely open borders and the destruction of society in general, but I'M name calling? Get a grip on reality. I see the rampant racism and discrimination that gets posted by conservatives in these comment sections and I'll continue to point it out and criticize it because it has no place and is not appropriate. And yes there are many loony conspiracy theories that make their way into these pages like above (or see CCW) that are just talking points for right wing extremists and do not have any basis in reality.

If you want to cast blame, why don't you start at the top with the racist-in-chief in the WH and his policies and actions that are direct violations of a little thing called the Constitution, who spits on the graves of all the brave individuals who gave their lives for our country by consorting and conspiring with enemy foreign governments to undermine democracy, and who is taking us further and further away from once did make America great but is now turning us into a laughing stock and world-wide symbol of how to discriminate against people because of race/gender/religion/country of origin/etc. Turn off the fake stuff that comes from Faux News and open your eyes to what is really going on.


And their you go with the race card....smh...that’s all got ain’t it girl? That and insults....



Do not confuse conservatism with racism. There are liberals who are racist.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

True. Just look at Democrat-controlled Chicago, LA (tent cities), San Fran (tent cities, human feces on sidewalks), Baltimore, Detroit.... People are continuing to flee California by the 10,000's every year due to high taxes and government over reach. Heck, in our own region, people are fleeing Fairfax County because of the high taxes, high priced housing and gas that costs .15 more per gallon than in PWC. The problem is, they come to PWC and then vote Democrat -- the same way they always have!


What a pitiful excuse of an "Election Guide." A minor detail is missing. Saturday , Nov 2 is the last day to vote absentee.


One thing that surprises me about this site’s forums is the deviation from civility. The same offenders repeatedly denigrate individuals’ rights to free speech in a polite and cerebral manner. In a free society, individuals should be able to express their opinions without retribution. Disagreement should also be civil.


Frankly, it seems like most of these crazy responses are by 1-3 people who just make different accounts to post these kinds of comments.

Mrs. Silence Dogood


Actions speak louder than words.


Where is the NRA? How come they have their headquarters in Northern Virginia, but they are silent about the fact that when the Democrats takeover Virginia that most handguns and all AR-15’s will become illegal and if you own one you will become a felon!


Mike May for Commonwealth’s Attorney

I strongly encourage the voters of Prince William County to support Mike May for Commonwealth’s Attorney. I will be voting for Mike because of his strong character and his good judgment in embracing some of the same crime-fighting policies advanced by our current long-serving Commonwealth’s Attorney, Paul B. Ebert, with whom I have had the honor to serve the people of Prince William County for more than 30 years.

Like the Progressive Democratic nominees for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax and Arlington Counties, Mike May’s opponent is pushing liberal “reforms” that will make Prince William County less safe for our citizens and our police officers.

While Mike has supported Paul Ebert’s consistent approach of reserving the death penalty for “the worst of the worst,” Mike’s opponent wants to see an end to capital punishment and has criticized Mr. Ebert’s record of successful capital murder prosecutions as an “embarrassment,” stating that, “When I’m elected, this trend will stop.” This dangerous position ignores at least three important and undeniable facts.

First, the availability of death penalty as a potential sentence for specific enumerated murders that constitute capital offenses is a function of our elected legislators in the General Assembly, not the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Second, no prosecutor has ever sentenced a capital murderer to death. That is a decision that we can only present to you, our citizens, who serve as jurors in such cases. And finally, the potential sentence of death for killing a law enforcement officer has provided additional protection for our police officers. Mr. Ebert and I have listened to recordings of criminals explaining that their failure to take an opportunity to shoot at a police officer in Virginia was due to the possibility of being put to death.

Our police officers deserve all the support we can give them. All Officers hope and pray that they never have to use deadly force against another human being. Mike May’s opponent has stated that when one of our police officers is involved in a shooting, she would recuse herself and have an outside prosecutor decide whether the shooting was justified. Mike May says that one of the reasons that we elect our Commonwealth’s Attorney is to make such difficult decisions. Mike is right about that, and he is right for the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney for Prince William County.

I am approaching retirement after more than 40 years in criminal law enforcement as a police officer and a prosecutor. I do not want to see progressive, selective law enforcement take over in Prince William County, where our citizens and police officers deserve the safety and protection that Paul Ebert has helped provide for more than 50 years.

Mike’s opponent brags non-stop about having worked in this Office for 11 years. Yet she has failed to receive an endorsement from Paul Ebert or from the Prince William County Police Association. As one would expect, there are good reasons for that.

I am supporting Mike May for Commonwealth’s Attorney, and I urge all Prince William County voters to vote for Mike on November 5.


Rick Conway, Chief Deputy

Commonwealth’s Attorney for Prince William County

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