Prince William County voters have approved up to $395 million in spending on road and park improvements over the next few years, including a key $200 million contribution toward either a bypass or widening of Va. Route 28 between Manassas and Centreville.

Voters were asked to approve two bond referendums on the ballot Tuesday: $355 million in total for a handful of road projects and $41 million in total for four park projects and various trail improvements.

The road bond was approved by voters 78,996 to 29,598. And the parks bond was approved by voters 68,458 to 37,414.

The projects were approved by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in June, but some projects have been in development for some time, like the extension of Summit School Road in Woodbridge.

Other projects will require more study, including the high-profile Route 28 roadwork, which is still under a federally-mandated environmental study.

It will be up to the next board of county supervisors to decide when and where to spend the money. If projects come under budget or the county finds the money elsewhere for the projects, they don’t have to spend the total amount approved by voters.


1. Va. Route 28 bypass or widening project: $200 million

2. Devlin Road widening: $50 million 

3. Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway interchange improvements: $70 million 

4. Old Bridge Road and Gordon Boulevard intersection improvements: $15 million 

5. Summit School Road extension: $20 million


6. Howison Park improvements: $6 million

7. New Neabsco park development: $6 million

8. Fuller Heights Park expansion: $6 million

9. Hellwig Park improvements: $3 million

10. Countywide trails development: $20 million


Manassas interim City Councilman Ralph Smith was elected in a special election Nov. 5, defeating Lynn Forkell Greene 4,573 votes to 3,978 votes.

Smith replaces Vice Mayor Ken Elston, who resigned effective July 31. He has worked for the city's election office for 20 years and previously worked for the U.S. Social Security Administration and was previously president of the Prince William County Chapter of the NAACP. 

Lisa Anne Stevens was elected in a special election for Manassas School Board. She defeated Peter O'Hanlon, 4,876 votes to 3,439 votes. Board member Kenneth Nixon resigned in January. 

In Dumfries, voters approved a ballot question on offtrack pari-mutuel wagering that will pave the way for a new gaming parlor in the town. Required by law, the measure was approved 467-306.

Owners of Colonial Downs plans to build the Rosie's gaming center, creating 150 new jobs and providing a new stream of revenue for the town.

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[scared][thumbdown][angry] Well PWC you did it again. Do any of you know what you actually voted for? Probably not. Well watch you taxes hit an all time high. More traffic that drives down the wrong side of the roadways. Betting parlor in Dumfries OMG that place has enough crime. Good luck to all the blind mice.


Where is the estimated REPAYMENT schedule for these bonds? How can anyone vote for DEBT without knowing the terms? A middle class homeowner in PWC now pays roughly $3,200 per year in real estate tax. That's absurd. It's only going to go UP.

Sunny Side

In the list of park projects, there is no mention of Rollins Ford Road Park in Brentsville District. Ground was broken on this project 4 years ago and has sat there without any progress since. Brentsville district continues to have no park or ball fields, and also no library, no community center, no senior center, etc. despite it being maybe the biggest source of property tax revenue in the county. Thank you Jeanine Lawson for apparently having either no clout or any real desire to deliver our fair share of services.

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