Republican Devinder Singh running for Neabsco supervisor special election

Devinder Singh files paperwork to run as a Republican in the Neabsco District supervisor special election.

Dale City Republican Devinder Singh has filed to run in the special election for Neabsco District supervisor.

"Devinder is a conservative who is passionate about protecting our freedom and improving economic opportunity for all Dale City and Woodbridge residents," according to a Facebook post from the Prince William County Republican Committee.

Singh is a small-business owner who was selected in a caucus Feb. 19. Republican leaders decided not to announce their candidate until after Democrats made their pick Sunday.

The special election will be held on April 9 to fill the remaining months of Supervisor John Jenkins term. Jenkins, a Democrat and the longest serving member of the board, died Feb. 6.

Neabsco Democrats selected Victor Angry as their candidate during a firehouse caucus Sunday. A Dale City resident, Angry is a retired command sergeant major of the U.S. Army National Guard, a Dale City volunteer firefighter, motivational speaker and leadership instructor. 

All candidates have until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, to file with the county’s Office of Elections.

"My campaign centers on three principles: accountability, integrity, and prosperity," Singh said in a statement Monday. "As a proud resident of Dale City for over 20 years, small business owner, and father of two children who attended Prince William County public schools and graduated college in the great state of Virginia, I am committed to serving this community that makes up so much of who I am and what I value. In my pursuit of public service, I want to bring greater accountability to the governance of this region to ensure my fellow citizens are afforded the highest standards of local government. Building my own successful business from the ground up required the utmost integrity, a value I want to bring to this position. Finally, because of my personal experience as someone who immigrated to the United States with few resources to now being in a position to give back to my community and help others, I want to ensure every family has the same access to prosperity that has led me to this moment. I am committed to putting these principles into action in the pursuit of a conservative agenda that puts families and community first."

Singh was an outspoken and early supporter of Corey Stewart during his 2017 gubernatorial primary race and signed letters of support as a Prince William County faith and business community leader.

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Mr. Singh is a fine example of the American dream that is still alive and well if one is willing to work hard and seek out opportunity. Well done!

All I would say is, “Singh was an outspoken and early supporter of Corey Stewart (aka “Trump Before Trump”) during his 2017 gubernatorial primary race and signed letters of support as a Prince William County faith and business community leader.”


Yep, he is like the majority of people in America’s legal immigrant communities and is against open borders and sanctuary cities for illegal criminals tying to flood are country. He unlike Victor Angry actually has a career record to run on and knows how to run a successful business. How did Angry even support himself, did his wife work and pay for everything? Angry has to be broke all the time since he’s never had a full time job in his entire adult life? I would suggest checking his finances and see how much bad credit he has, because there is no way he could pay rent and his car note in this area without a full time job. I really hope the people of Neabsco are smart enough to not vote for some guy who’s never had a real job to run their district!


Looking at his Linkedin profile, he seems to have been gainfully employed to me. Decent education background as well. Most INTELLIGENT would do some type of investigating before making such a strong claim about someones employment history.

"My true intentions"? Coming from someone with a fake alias, can say whatever they want, without any accountability for it? Email me at (not with a nonsense address you just create either), and you can find out all you'd like to know about me.......which I don't anticipate you doing, due to your fear of accountability.


I would not judge a Republican candidate based upon his support for a fellow member of the same political party just as I would not judge all Democrats for their support of Governor Northam. You can’t support a candidate who is flawless because there isn’t one who is. It’s being human.

Since Citizen52 and I have been with each other (lately), I'd offer up a caveat. One shouldn't judge a Democrat by their support of Governor Northam, but if one believes that even 20+ years ago, blackface was wrong, then they can judge someone who says that blackface "is no big deal" or deflects the actions and points to other's actions. I'd give them that. Someone who supported Corey Stewart when he was first on the BOCS for one of the MDs, I wouldn't fault them for that. Someone who supported Corey Stewart when he wanted our law enforcement to aggressively target Hispanic/Spanish people (thank you Chief Deane for resisting that), then I would start to question their judgement. When there are former members of the PWCRC that have either left the Republican Party or stepped down from leadership positions because they could not justify 45's actions in the White House, and Corey Stewart claims to be "Trump Before Trump" and that person is extremely vocal about supporting that candidate/official, then I'd SEVERELY question their judgment. That's just me though.


I enjoy healthy debate. I still posit that we should not base our judgment on a candidate based upon his support for a member of the same party. I don’t rubber stamp based upon a party, having voted both Democratic and Republican in the past. We need to read the candidates’ current positions, their experience, and digest what they have to say in their debate, if any. On the face of it, I think we have two good candidates.


Jose are you man enough to just come out and declare that you are for an open border policy and that you want to turn PWC into a sanctuary city?

Or will you just double talk your way through your campaign and refuse to tell the people you true intentions?


It’s “someone’s”, Swandive.


Thanks bud. Both words in American Dream should be capitalized in your comment as well. American Dream describes the opportunity for everyone to achieve their fullest potential and is a proper noun, which requires the 1st letter of both words to be capitalized.


Please investigate further. You will find that both are acceptable.


Most excellent choice, he has my vote already!

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