Corey Stewart Primary Night Victory Party Closer

Corey Stewart speaks to his supporters at the victory party in The Electric Palm Restaurant in Woodbridge on June 12, after winning the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator. Stewart vowed to support President Donald Trump's agenda if elected in November. Paul Lara/for

With weeks left to reach undecided voters, Sen. Tim Kaine continues to outraise his opponent, Republican nominee Corey Stewart, according to campaign finance reports filed this month. 

Kaine, a Democrat seeking his second term, reported raising $2.4 million from July 1 through Sept. 30, according to his report filed this month with the Federal Election Commission. 

Of that amount, 73 percent of the contributions were from Virginians, according to Kaine’s campaign. During that time, more than 21,500 people contributed online, with contributions averaging about $45. 

Stewart, who is also the at-large chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, reported raising more than $1 million in contributions from 10,100 donors from July 1 through Sept. 30, according to his campaign. 

Kaine reported having more than $5 million on hand at the end of the reporting period, compared to Stewart’s $650,581. 

Kaine “is running an aggressive coordinated campaign with down ballot Democratic congressional candidates,” according to his campaign. “Together, they have more than 60 field organizing staff and more than two dozen offices across the Commonwealth.”  

Stewart said he was “thrilled” with the seven-figure fundraising total. His three-month total in the second quarter of the year was just a little over $250,000.

"Virginians are tired of having a senator who is too weak, too liberal and has gotten nothing done,” Stewart said in a statement.

A poll released by the University of Mary Washington last month found that Kaine received support from 49 percent of those who answered the survey, compared to 30 percent who supported Stewart. The other respondents were uncertain or declined to express a preference. 

So far Kaine has continued to outraise Stewart. 

Stewart’s fundraising troubles are in sharp contrast to GOP candidates in previous election cycles, as past candidates with far more to spend on their campaigns were still defeated at the polls.

In 2014, Ed Gillespie raised more than $7.8 million during his bid for U.S. Senate against Mark Warner, who raised more than $13 million. Warner won with 49.1 percent, compared to Gillespie’s 48.3 percent of the vote. 

Former Republican governor George Allen’s campaign against Kaine in 2012 reported raising more than $14.3 million by Election Day. Allen lost to Kaine, 52.8 percent to 46.9 percent.

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Stewart needs to go!!!!


Tim Kaine is a liar. His latest TV commercial takes Stewart's comment out of context. Kaine was an ineffective Governor and he's an ineffective Senator. Kaine "hides" from the tough issues. Corey Stewart won't hide.


Corey Stewart is the Hillary Clinton of Prince William county. A corrupt perpetual loser without a clue who just won’t go away.

Paul Miller

Stewart is still running?


Lets see good ol' Virginny...on one hand we have a coward and a liar for a Senator whose son is an Antifa leader and who hides from major issues (what has he done for you? NOTHING). On the other hand we have "Lets pave it" Stewart. He has never seen tress, green grass and fields that he doens't envision development, pavement, low slung industrial business buildings, roads that serve Loudoun Co and Dulles that simply pass through PWC...waste of a person. Yep we sure have 2 great candidates...write in Bullwinkle and you'll be all set and will have made a better choice...Great job statewide GOP!


Why post that one candidate is behind in fundraising? That's not news. That is a hit piece from a periodical whose position has been anti-Stewart from the get-go. However, you did not report on Caine's son being an ANTIFA member or Caine's
"let's fight in the streets" declaration?

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