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Incumbents in Virginia's House of Delegates are fighting to defend their seats in November's election by out-raising opponents across the Prince William County region.

Totals on campaign fundraising from July 1 to Aug. 31 were released Monday, showing incumbents were securing support in the crucial summer months before voters head to the polls Nov. 5.

In several races fundraising totals have far exceeded what had been raised at this point just two years ago, a sure indication that both Republicans and Democrats know the stakes in this year's elections.

The Virginia General Assembly is comprised of 100 delegates and 40 state senators, and all 140 seats will be on the ballot in November. Republicans have a 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates and a 21-19 majority in the state Senate. 

Del. Tim Hugo, R-40th and the only Republican representing Prince William County in the House of Delegates, has $449,170 to spend after raising nearly $300,000 this summer. Hugo had raised a third of that amount during July and August in 2017.

His opponent, Democrat Dan Helmer, raised $192,000 this summer and has $328,679 to spend in the final months of the campaign.

Del. Lee Carter, D-50th, reported raising $74,268 in the two-month period, with $56,364 as he looks to defend the seat from a Republican challenger. Manassas City Council member Ian Lovejoy reported raising $67,766, with about $58,963 cash on hand.

Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st, has $256,378 to spend on her first re-election campaign after raising $161,758 in July and August. Republican D.J. Jordan, reported raising nearly $71,174 over the same period, with $170,423 cash on hand.

Facing a rematch in the 51st District, Democratic Del. Hala Ayala raised $243,109 in July and August, with $267,856 on hand. She had just $78,500 at this point in the campaign in 2017.

Former Del. Rich Anderson, a Republican, raised $47,940 in July and August, with $138,002 cash on hand — less money than he had at this point 2017 when he was defending the seat from Ayala.

Del. Danica Roem, D-13th, reported raising $143,072 this summer, with $171,055 cash on hand. Her opponent, Republican Kelly McGinn, reported raising $85,848 in July and August, with about $63,896 cash on hand. 

For the open seat representing the 87th District, Republican Bill Drennan raised just $2,014 in July and August, with $2,227 cash on hand. Democrat Suhas Subramanyam raised $59,858, with $48,694 to spend going forward.

Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy has $143,780 cash on hand as of Aug. 31 as she looks to defend her seat in November, compared to $13,676 cash on hand for her opponent, Republican Heather Mitchell. 

Mitchell reported just $6,641 raised during July and August, compared to $30,579 that Foy raised during the same period.

Del. Luke Torian, D-52nd, raised $57,783 in July and August and has $153,814. His opponent, Republican Maria Martin, reported raising $4,556 and had $920 heading into September.

Virginia Senate

Prince William County has three competitive races for Virginia Senate seats.

Competing for the open seat in the 13th District, Del. John Bell, D-87th District, raised $206,729 in July and August and he has $303,376 cash on hand. Republican Geary Higgins reported raising $117,653, with $122,804 cash on hand.

Sen. Richard Stuart, R-28th, reported raising $67,491 this summer, with $210,522 ready to spend. Democratic challenger Qasim Rashid raised $75,146 and has $123,381 cash on hand.

Sen. George Barker, D-39th District, $53,043 in July and August and he has $174,511 to spend as he defends the seat from Dutch Hillenburg. The Republican raised just $8,670 and had $2,601 to spend on the campaign going forward.

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Lynne June

Hopefully, we won’t be bombarded by farcical TV commercials. There are actually useful idiots whose votes are swayed based upon those commercials. I guess the candidates are counting on that.

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