Katie Cristol speaks at Leadership Center for Excellence event

Arlington County Board member Katie Cristol speaks at a Leadership Center for Excellence event held Jan. 18, 2018 at Founders Hall on the Arlington campus of George Mason University. (Leadership Center for Excellence photo)

The Sun Gazette this week has endorsed Katie Cristol for re-election to the Arlington County Board.

“A self-acknowledged wonk (though one with more skills at retail politics than most of her colleagues), Cristol shepherded a number of initiatives through over the past four years, including efforts to modernize county regulations on day-care facilities,” the newspaper noted in its endorsement.

“On issues where she has not taken the lead, Cristol generally has been studious in her approach, with her questions helping to advance the conversation and improve the outcome,” the paper said. “And, whether she has done it out of conviction or political calculation – perhaps a little of both – Cristol has tried to keep the lid on excessive government spending by reining in the real-estate tax rate.”

CLICK HERE and then scroll down to the “Arlington 9-5-19” edition (Page 6) to read the full endorsement.

Cristol is one of four candidates on the Nov. 5 ballot for County Board, along with Democratic colleague Christian Dorsey and independents Arron O’Dell and Audrey Clement. The Sun Gazette will weigh in on the other open slot later.

Sun Gazette already has endorsed Sheriff Beth Arthur, Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy and Treasurer Carla de la Pava for re-election.

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Non-Residents aren't taking over Arlington County, they've taken over Arlington County....Everywhere from the Board of Supervisors Office, to the Planning Office, to Public Safety, to the Economic Development Office, to the Local Media, to the Out-of-State Developers, to the Public School System.


I am another Arlington resident who's disgusted by one-party government for decades and non-residents who are taking over the County, whether it non-resident Democratic activists or out of State Developers.

Go clean up Manassas before you and your corporate cronies from DC and MD pave over any more of Arlington !!


You do realize a few zip codes in Manassas are some of the wealthiest in Prince William and Northern Virginia, that area off Sudley Road isn't incorporated Manassas but is actually Bull Run, Virginia.


I am sick and tired of being abused by a Democratic Party activist who doesn't live in Arlington. Thirty seven years of one=patty government in Arlington are ENOUGH !!!


[sad]McCaffrey should have stated that the Arlington Civic Federation's County Board Candidates' Forum this year was TERRIBLE. The candidate with the most relevant, new, and outside-the-box thinking, Audrey Clement, was repeatedly interrupted by the CivFed President / Moderator. Then there was the meeting itself. McCaffrey and the Sun Gazette should be ashamed to be associated with a civic organization that exhibits such lack of diversity in a County with plenty of racial and ethnic diversity. With one or two exceptions questions posed to the candidates were relevant to the lives of the upscale CivFed delegates who asked them and to no one else in the County.


[thumbdown][thumbdown]to Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey and Arlington Board of Supervisors Member Katie Cristol. Cristol is the kind of elected official the Local Media love. Especially Chamber of Commerce Boosters like McCaffrey. The County is going to Smart Growth on Steroids planning aka Revitalization through Gentrification. Which meshes perfectly with the Sun Gazette's Owner's (and the Owners of the area's other media outlets) quest for massive amounts of revenue from an increasingly wealthy resident population. Costs and consequences? When has McCaffrey ever cared about costs and consequences?

Vote for more 'Party's Over Here in Arlington'? Not Me! Ten years of configuring the County for wealthy and wealthier residents and excluding anyone who doesn't have at least $50,000 / year of disposable income are enough.

Seen on another blog: Time for the voters to send Cristol and her fellow incumbent, Christian Dorsey, back to New Jersey to make Trenton and Atlantic City "vibrant" again.

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