Takis Karantonis

Takis Karantonis.

With the results in, Arlington’s 2020 election season now pivots to 2021. And here is what will be on the ballot at the local level 12 months hence:

County Board: Erik Gutshall won a four-year County Board term in 2017, defeating perennial candidate Audrey Clement and independent Charles McCullough. Gutshall’s death earlier this year resulted in the election of Takis Karantonis to fill out the remainder of the term.

School Board: Four years ago, Monique O’Grady first toppled incumbent School Board member James Lander in the Democratic caucus, then went on to win the general election in a three-way race also contested by Alison Dough and Mike Webb.

House of Delegates: Pending the results of redistricting, Arlington is likely to continue to have four seats in the House of Delegates, which will be up for grabs next November. Current delegates, all Democrats, include Patrick Hope (the only one whose district is entirely within Arlington), Alfonso Lopez, Mark Levine and Rip Sullivan. The district of Levine is split with Alexandria; the districts of Lopez and Sullivan are split with Fairfax County.

Also on the ballot next year in Virginia will be races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

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Reality Check - Takis's buds who believe everyone who lives in a SFH is a "racist" almost all live in SFHs.


Another lying Democrat ward heeler from Manassas who trashes anyone who doesn't go along with everything Arlington's Democrat Regime inflicts on the sheeple. Take it to Blue Virginia.


Another skank troll comment from a Dem ward heeler who lives 30 miles from Arlington.


Anyone who questions the status quo in NoVa is subject to serial abuse by one-party government's on-line ward heelers.

Julie McCandless

Is or is not Takis Karantonis an Arlington Resident? Or does he own a condo unit in Arlington, and live elsewhere? Like so many who own a condo unit in Arlington, live in a SFH outside the County, and vote in Arlington and send their kids to APS using their Arlington rental condo as their legal address.


Scott McCaffrey is a perennial shill for the status quo, whether any and all Democratic candidates for public office, one-party government inside the beltway, civic groups that in no way represent the social, economic, racial, and ethnic diversity of NoVa's population, and massive re-segregation through gentrification.


Here we go again with McCaffrey and the Sun Gazette. Democratic Party candidates are featured, non-Democrats are ignored and disparaged as "losers". Any and all press releases from the Arlington Democratic Party are printed as "news". Surrogates for Scott are allowed to make abusive comments about non-Democrat candidates, and anyone who posts a comment that doesn't go along with the program is a "sock puppet".

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