With new majority, Democrats say they're ready to get to work on Prince William board

At a press conference Nov. 6, the new Democratic majority elected to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors includes, from left, Supervisor Victor Angry, and candidates Andrea Bailey, Ann Wheeler, Margaret Franklin and Kenny Boddye.

After flipping control of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors from a 6-2 Republican majority to a 5-3 Democratic majority, Ann Wheeler, the chairman-elect, said Tuesday’s elections give her hope.

In a press conference Tuesday, Wheeler said she wants to improve the school division, preserve open space in the Rural Crescent, fix roads and bring economic development to the County.

“It’s time we shut the door on divisiveness and negativity, we have a wonderful county, we have wonderful county staff and we have an educated workforce,” Wheeler said. “It’s a great place to live and we’re going to work together so everyone knows that.” 

Dozens attended the news conference Wednesday afternoon where Wheeler and fellow Democrats gathered at the county’s McCoart government building. Supervisor Victor Angry, D-Neabsco, was the first African American elected to the board when he won a special election earlier this year, and he ran unopposed on Tuesday. 

Angry said he looks forward to working on developing trust. “We’ll have issues we’ll have to address,” he said. “I’m very excited about this opportunity.” 

Angry was one of four African Americans elected Tuesday to serve on the board. The others included Andrea Bailey in the Potomac District, Kenny Boddye in the Occoquan District and Margaret Franklin in the Woodbridge District.

“It’s great we can come together and embrace the change,” Bailey said. “So help us to do good. When we’re not doing good, tell us what to do to be better.” 

Voter turnout this year was higher than 2015, and Boddye said he still wants to see increased engagement. 

“We are the most diverse community in Virginia,” he said. “I appreciate this moment and look forward to working with all of you.” 

Franklin said she’s excited and ready to serve as supervisor.

“We have a lot of work to do,” she said. “This won't be easy, it won't be fast, we have to be realistic and set priorities, but I think we can do that if we work together, both Democrats and Republicans, and we really have a full vision of what this county should be. Like my campaign slogan, together we have created a new start. We’re ready to get to work, and you all can trust us.” 

Emmitt Fletcher, a Coles District resident since 1979, said it means a lot to him that the board of county supervisors now better reflects the county’s population, which is majority minority.

“I feel like it’s a milestone for the county,” he said. “It’s a great feeling to have these people represent the diversity in the county.”

Fletcher said he looks forward to a brighter future for everyone.

“I would like them to work on campaign promises and be responsible,” he said. “As voters, we’ll hold them accountable.”

Fletcher said he thinks the election results will reflect on the county.

“Prince William will become the best place to live in the U.S.,” he said. “I think it’ll attract more businesses, give people more opportunity to access education. We’re doing that with the election.”

Resident Karyn Trader-Leigh said the results of the election on Tuesday are a signal of what’s to come in the election in 2020. The county has been red in the past and was purple under former President Barack Obama.

“Clearly it went blue,” she said.

The historic changes also mean changes locally.

“I think minority voices will feel like they will be better represented,” she said. “They’ve been under represented. The shift from Corey Stewart is clearly gone.”

She said it will be important to reach across the aisle to work with Republicans and to ensure that no one feels disenfranchised.

Boddye said he wants to look into how to address traffic on Old Bridge Road.

Boddye said the new board’s lived experiences will bring a different kind of understanding of the county to the board.

“If we invest in people and help people, we’ll do the right thing and be better stewards of taxpayer dollars,” Boddye said.

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"preserve open space in the Rural Crescent" = code for giving Mark Granville-Smith his thinly veiled density increase, adding sewer, and paving the way for additional developers. Taxes, trailers, traffic ... more of each coming. Wheeler's record of voicing and acting on citizen concerns on the NOEVC Board should give residents pause.


Out of state money and European Oligarch money is finally paying off for Prince William County Democrats. Unlike Fairfax and Arlington Counties, we don't have enough millionaires to tax the daylights out of, so the large population of upper middle class federal employees living in $400,000 to $600,000 homes here are going to see their property taxes skyrocket, plus in a year or two we are going to see a push for bussing to make things fair within county schools. If you don't like it then you of course are a racist.


You're missing your tinfoil hat. If you want money out of politics, you'll need to realize the GOP is offender number one, all of that corrupt Dominion Power money and all of that out of state mega donor has to go for both sides.


So exactly when did Soros become a Republican?


yes hope and change hahhahahahhahahahahhahahah


Should read “HOPE”...


It's a damn shame you're so closed minded and backwards.


Joe and change A dog whistle for higher taxes larger illegal population which further burden the system and thus cause a greater tax increase.

Good luck with that!!!


Exactly what is all the work that needs to be done? Stop the sprawl & lower the homeowner's taxes. The school's aren't supposed to be a babysitting & free meals service. Taxes will go up & SOON.


We are so screwed. Code word for make sure nobody feels disenfranchised means increase taxes on the middle class so they can give free handouts to lower class and illegal aliens of the county. Then we’ll start hearing how turning over illegals to ICE isn’t humane and we need to make the county a sanctuary. Then busing all the illegals so every schoolchild in the county can experience a MS-13 filled educational environment equally.


Those who pay taxes will leave, with no income, PW county will go the way of places like Detroit and collapse.


Prince William county is about to become Northern Virginia's equivalent of Maryland's PG county. It's going to go down hill at a much faster pace now.


You do realize PG county isn't all that median income there is in the top quarter of the country, and is the highest income majority black county in the country. Upper Marlboro, Largo, are growing very fast and a lot of young urban professionals are moving to PG county due to DC becoming unaffordable. You're comment is very insidious and is instead directing at the racial makeup of these respective counties. https://datausa.io/profile/geo/prince-george%27s-county-md/


‘Minority majority” is an oxymoron. When a group becomes the majority, it is the majority.


No minority is a majority in PwC, the county is 45% white, 23% Hispanic, 23% African American, and about 9% Asian. Whites are a plurality but not a majority of the county, and regarding minority groups none is a simple majority. Then again math and logic is not the right's style.


My point exactly; there is no minority majority.


Yes there is as a whole minorities make up a simple majority(50%+) of the county.


Potomac Local is reporting that they stated at this news conference that they will be reviewing 287g. Inside Nova conveniently didn’t mention that little fact all! What a liberal rag they have turned into!

Juicy smoliette

Conservatives are so in debt so focused on leisure so complacent so fearful that they won’t teach their children, their children’s friends the reality of what democrat rule means. The pastors are scared to speak up. The republicans refuse to tell it like it is in a way that challenges voters and irrefutably exposes the democrats for who they are. We will lose VA completely. You may not like Trump because he talks like a common man. However no other president republican nor democrat cares more about this nation as a whole. Neither the republicans nor the democrats fight for every American to succeed like president trump does. Republican and conservative voters better wake up and wake up fast before they are being litigated for refusing the alphabet people curriculum, for home schooling, for telling the truth. Democrats are to quality of life what gremlins are to airplanes. Support blexit, turning points, free enterprise. Turn off the TV! Read the book “in the arena” and the Bible. Expose your children (their friends) to wall builders dot com. Rick Green , Ron Ball. If you don’t you are worse than democrats and liberals because you know better and do nothing. They are relentless and fully committed to tearing this country apart. They believe they are righteous. Wake up VA.


Summary: A paragraph of nonsensical theories based off xenophobia.

Jack Print

I can't help but wonder how soon it will be before we have to leave the County. I will wait to see whether they fulfill their promise to work across the aisle, but I am skeptical. Unfortunately past experience has shown that when newly elected democrats take the majority, they usually push forth an extremist agenda and refuse to cooperate with their republican colleagues. I will hold these democrats to their promise to work across the aisle. If they don't, even though PWC has-been home for 45 years, we'll be bidding the area farewell. Democrats have ruined Fairfax County and I fear they'll do it here too.


I think the problem is the bubble you live in, do you talk to people who aren't your age or who may think differently from you? Do you watch or listen to news other than Fox? If you answered no to the first and/or yes to the second one you are living in a bubble and are afraid of the outside world. I'm one of only two Democrats in my friends group, you'd be surprised not every one of us is out to get you.


Some of these comments remind me of 2008, when lots of Repubs promised that they would denounce their citizenship if Barack Obama won the election. Fast forward to 2017, 2 terms later, and none of those promises were kept. A few idiots in the military got kicked out for refusing to accept Obama's constitutional eligability based on a lie that got steam from our current president (bet they feel really dumb now)....Anyway, i bet those same folks that promise to leave PW County will still be here 5, maybe even 10 years from now.


People get what they vote for. Higher taxes, higher crime, terrible schools, more homelessness and increased poverty. Fools.


Swandive- There have been both Democrats and Republicans who have said at one time or another that they were going to leave if their candidate lost. Look at all of the celebrities who were going to leave when Trump won. They’re still here.

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