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News that was making news in years gone by:

December 12, 1935:

* The first edition of the Northern Virginia Sun rolled off the presses, promising non-partisan coverage of news across the region.

* Fairfax officials want greater local authority to regulate where beer and wine can be sold.

* The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce is honoring F.W. Richardson, who is wrapping up a 55-year career as county clerk.

* A square dance at Vienna Town Hall will raise funds for fire services.

* Gov. Perry is looking for ways to reduce an increasing number of traffic deaths on Virginia’s highways.

December 8, 1962:

* Gov. Harrison says the state will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court after Virginia’s legislative districting was ruled unconstitutional by a three-judge panel for discriminating against urban areas of the commonwealth.

* The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce says another airport is needed in the county to accommodate private aircraft.

* County officials have unveiled a 10-year capital-improvement plan totaling $113 million.

* Rev. Billy Graham will speak at the Pentagon this week.

December 9, 1969:

* Groundbreaking for the Metro system this week was coupled with President Nixon’s signature on a $1.15 billion measure to help fund it.

* Gov.-elect Linwood Holton says he will outline his priorities during a speech on Jan. 19.

* Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Horan is threatening to prosecute stores that flout Virginia’s blue laws on Sunday closings.

* At the movies: “Goodbye, Columbus,” “Midnight Cowboy,” Elvis in “The Trouble With Girls” and Paul Newman in “Hombre.”

* High-school basketball season opens this week.

December 9-10, 1977:

* While ridership on Metro subway and bus service has fallen across most of the region, it has been stable in Northern Virginia.

* Republican John Dalton spent $1.9 million in his successful bid for governor, compared to $1.2 million for Democrat Henry Howell.

* Billy Carter has endorsed Republican John Warner for U.S. Senate.

* Fairfax Superintendent S. John Davis wants the state to adopt minimum-competency standards for high-school students.

* Vienna officials have passed a noise ordinance, aimed at all-night restaurants.

* As many as 5,000 Fairfax students could be told to stay home from school until all their immunizations are up to date.

* Sun publisher Herman Obermayer opines that “I get nut calls almost daily.”

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