News that was making news in years gone by:

December 5, 1941:

* Hundreds of local residents have completed air-raid-warden training.

* The new C&P telephone books are being distributed. They are now 294 pages long.

* The Sun has opened its seventh year of operation with the largest issue in its history.

December 2, 1952:

* General Assembly committees have completed their redistricting proposals.

* The first live birth of a baby to be broadcast on television is slated tonight, assuming the stork cooperates.

December 1, 1959:

* Fairfax police officials say they will not tolerate their officers receiving “payola” for phoning in news tips to local radio stations.

December 3-4, 1965:

* Only three of 20 announced candidates for the General Assembly from Fairfax County filed the required campaign-finance forms on time.

* County officials say the opening of several new schools in coming weeks will end the need to “double shift” classes at some schools.

* High-school wrestling season opened yesterday.

December 2-3, 1970:

* The McLean Lions Club is celebrating its silver anniversary.

* The McLean boys team has won the High School Soccer Club League tournament.

* Above-average rainfall in the local area has helped boost groundwater levels.

* At the movies: “M*A*S*H,” “Patton” and a re-release of “Gone With the Wind.”

December 1, 1979:

* County schools staff are expected to name 29 schools as prospective candidates for consolidation.

* Four stations on Metro’s Orange Line – Courthouse, Virginia Square, Clarendon and Ballston – are set to open tomorrow.

* U.S. Sen. John Warner says he will oppose Carter administration plans to increase the national gasoline tax.

December 2, 1987:

* Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis is slated to make a campaign stop in the local area this week.

* A Fairfax teacher is suing the school system, saying that a letter to the editor he sent a local newspaper cost him a raise.

* George C. Marshall High School’s football team will face John Marshall of Richmond in the state football semifinal.

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