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News that was making news in years gone by:

October 8, 1936:

* The Vienna Town Council has voted to rebuild the 30-year-old brick sidewalk on Church Street.

* Fairfax women have organized a group to support Democratic candidates in the November election.

* The Sun’s editor has complimented Fairfax County’s new health officer.

* The School Board has OK’d bus service for students living on Beulah Road.

* Students at Franklin Sherman High School have elected class officers.

October 8, 1943:

* As of Aug. 1, a total of 2,344 Fairfax County men (and an unreported number of women) are serving in the Armed Forces

* Brrrr! The first frost made an appearance across the region this week.

October 8, 1971:

* Traffic fatalities across Virginia are down slightly from last year for the first eight months of the year.

* Gov. Holton wants to raise the pay of state jurists, which now ranges from $23,000 for Circuit Court judges for $32,500 to the chief justice.

* Marshall is set to take on powerhouse T.C. Williams in football tonight.

October 8, 1980:

* President Carter has made two campaign stops in Northern Virginia over the past week.

* A Carter campaign spokesman said “I really don’t see Northern Virginia going for Ronald Reagan.”

* Republican Frank Wolf appears to have momentum in his quest to knock off U.S. Rep. Joseph Fisher, D-8th.

* The voter rolls in Fairfax County will be up between 60,000 and 70,000 compared to the last presidential election.

October 8, 1991:

* United Press International is shopping for a new headquarters location in Northern Virginia.

* In football action, McLean was clobbered by Herndon, 31-0; Langley dropped Madison, 24-14; Marshall defeated Chantilly, 20-8; and Oakton was spanked and blanked by South Lakes, 28-0.

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