The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce could not hold its annual Valor Awards ceremony March 30, owing to the pandemic, but the chamber later distributed awards to outstanding public-safety employees for their deeds.

The top awardees were:

• Fairfax County police officers received a bevy of honors, including seldom-bestowed Gold Medals of Valor, for their response after a man opened fire at a children’s birthday party. The incident was an active-shooter situation when the officers arrived. The man killed two people before turning a gun on himself, authorities said.

The chamber gave Gold Medals of Valor to Sgts. Hudson Bull, Michael Crutchman and Donovan Royal; MPO Richard Perl; and Pfcs. Kent Bailey, Michael Diluccio, Dale Drewry, Sean Kotter, Jonathan Lowery, Charles Nagy, Matthew Stanfield; and Thomas Todd.

Receiving Silver Medals of Valor for this incident were Pfcs. Nicholas Cosmo, Gregory Eltringham, Andre Zeferino, David Neil Jr. and Paul Notarianni; and Officers James Cruz, Michael Dent and Matthew Rosenberg.

• Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Capt. Todd O’Brien, Acting Technician Jordan Scheutzow and Firefighter Bradley Schuyler received Silver Medals of Valor for saving the lives of multiple people at a garden-apartment fire.

• Fire and Rescue Lt. Phillip Brown, Master Technician Rebecca Stoddard and Firefighter Man Li earned Silver Medals of Valor for convincing a man, who had entered a fire station while pursuing a woman and her daughter, to drop the knife he was carrying.

• Fairfax County police officers earned Bronze Medals of Valor for their interactions with a hospital patient who was threatening staff members and had fired at least two gunshots inside the building. The honored officers included 2nd Lt. Angela Lentz and Pfcs. Evan D. Brandolino, Chase Briggs, Arthur Cho, Evan Cropp, Edwin Leyton, Justun Patrick, Devin White and Cameron York.

• County police also received multiple awards for their response to a shooting inside a townhouse where two people were injured, and a suspect had barricaded himself inside and then lit the townhouse on fire. A third victim was trapped inside as the townhouse was burning, officials said.

Receiving Silver Medals of Valor were 2nd Lt. Jeffrey Gossett and Pfcs. Jonathan Luety, Tarik Sefiane, Dean A. Rocco, Matthew Duffy, Adam Clemons and Lance Guckenberger.

Receiving Bronze Medals of Valor were 2nd Lt. Matthew Luik; Sgts. Gary Luther and Michael Boyle; Master Police Officers (MPOs) Scott Bacon, Eric Hillebrand, Jacob B. Gibson, Anthony W. Depoto, Michael Donaldson, Richard Cruger, Jeffrey Finn, Jey Phillips, John Digiulian and Brian S. Walley; Pfcs.  Bernd Bender, Jimmy Jones, Matthew Grubb, Carolina Oliver, Vincent Pullicino and David Faulk; and Detective Andrew Napieralski.

• Fairfax County police Pfcs. Ryan Fisher and Todd Owens received Bronze Medals of Valor for administering life-saving measures during a shooting incident that involved two juvenile victims inside an apartment.

• County police Pfc. Robert Marshall was honored with a Bronze Medal for taking an armed, suicidal man safely into custody after the man had injured himself.

• County police Pfc. Justin Robson and Officer Eric Adams also received Bronze Medals of Valor for taking an armed, suicidal man safely into custody after he had injured himself.

• Fairfax County police Pfc. Scott Reever earned a Bronze Medal of Valor for an incident involving disorderly teenagers. One of the teens began to run away and retrieved what appeared to be two handguns from his waistband. The teen dropped the guns and surrendered to police safely. The guns ended up being realistic-looking BB guns, police said.

• These county police officers received Bronze Medals of Valor for actions during an incident involving an armed, aggressive driver who was having a mental crisis: Sgt. Brandon Grayson; Pfcs. James Jones and Thomas Skowronski; Officer Nicholas Koldewey; and Auxiliary Police Officer Gordon McCallum.

The chamber of commerce gave Certificates of Valor to:

• Fairfax County police 2nd Lt. Eric Ivancic; Sgt. David Giaccio; MPOs Jeffrey Kannegiesser and Rockie Akhavan; Pfcs. Yousuf Ashraf, Kenneth Baxter, Katelynn Bullock, Nathan Crane, Matthew Dannemann, William Daugherty, Sarah Hansen, Matthew Halvordson, Daniel Kim, Ryan Miller, Kyoung Pak, Anthony Quarto, John Rodgers, Wesley Shifflett and Michael Valentin; Officers Philip Choe, Brendon Ianiero, Adam Moya, Joey Phoon, Johannah Renfrow; and Public Safety Communicator (PSC) IIIs Therese Backus, Gabrielle Graves, Lilie Quach and Christina Sosna.

• Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Capt. II Thomas Mayhew; Master Technician Frances Webb; Technicians Monica Harding and Justin Reed; Firefighters Won Noh and Harold Parra Romero; and Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician Douglas Stevens.

The chamber bestowed Lifesaving Awards to:

• Fairfax County police Sgts. Hudson Bull and Michael Comer; MPO Justin Dellow and Ivan Roeske; Pfcs. Jonathan Baumler, Tajwaar Beaufort, Brian Bowers, Avery Brunk, Kevin Canty, Nicholas Cosmo, Evan Cropp, Edward Cunha, Erik Davis, Michael DiLuccio (2), Charles Duckett, Christopher Duzen, Richard Genus, Brooks Gillingham (2), Jordan Griffin (2), Matthew Griffin, Jeremy Harvey, Bryan Huntley, Trevor Jenkins, Miguel Kelly, Daniel Kim, Patrick King, Timothy Larsen, Edwin Leyton, Michael Mathwin, Ingrid Palencia Membeno, Julian Menk, Damir Obradovac, Alexander Payne, Gershon Ramirez, Jared Reeves, Michael Richa, Kristen Rowe, Leslie Schmitt, Brian Snow, Philip Stone Jr., Stephen Strickler and Kyle Wilson; Officers Marina Anwar, Kameron Brown, Kevin Bonanno, Addison Manor and Valerie Richards; and Detective Travis Heiden.

• Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Technician Alexander Campos.

• Special Agent J. Helmick of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

• Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office 2nd Lts. John Early and Leslie Sheehan, Sgts. Nathan Cable and Ryan Tassey, Pfcs. James Delaney and Jennifer Supinger, and Nurse Samuel Osafo for their efforts at saving the life of an Adult Detention Center inmate who had tried to hang himself.

• Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office 2nd Lt. James Myles, who saved the life of a deputy who was choking on food.

Vienna Police Department personnel did not receive any Valor Awards this year. The Herndon Police Department did not respond to an inquiry regarding the awards.

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