Flint Hill School student scores perfect 1600 on SAT

Flint Hill School senior Stephen Kennedy, 18, scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT he took in late August 2022.

Stephen Kennedy, a senior at Flint Hill School in Oakton, recently learned he had received a perfect 1600 score on the SAT he took at the school in late August.

“I worked pretty hard to achieve a score that I wanted,” said Kennedy, who recently turned 18. “I’d taken it a few times before and had always been pretty strong in math. I really wanted to focus on English, writing and grammar.”

He was among only 500 of the 2 million students who took the SAT this year to notch a perfect score.

Kennedy, the youngest of Maureen and Edward Kennedy’s five children, said his family values education.

He joined Flint Hill School as a junior kindergartner and said teachers there challenge students’ thinking.

“Being able to go to a school like Flint Hill for the past 14 years has helped me a lot,” he said.

Kennedy plays basketball at the school and is heavily involved in community service. He is president of the school’s Honor Flight Club, which supports military veterans, and is an ambassador for the Young Men’s Service League, members of which perform service along with their mothers.

Kennedy still is deciding which college he would like to attend. As for his future, “I’m thinking of doing something business-related,” he said.

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(4) comments

Wayne D.

Let's say we're wealthy and privileged without saying outright. Good on this kid now think of the millions who could not even take the SAT's as affording college was never an option or getting that top notch education was never happening either. Not the kids fault at all and I congratulate him. But maybe highlight some of the kids who went on to a vocational school to be a plumber, mechanic and so on. They are the real workers in our country.

Dick Grayson

Always crying and flaunting your victimhood! BTW with fee waivers all can take SAT, research before you blather

Wayne D.

Did you even read what I wrote? No way my family was going to afford college. I graduated from HS and then worked in a honest career but of course never got rich. So no victim here thank you.

Duke Nukem

Jokes on you Wayne, you couldn't afford college but you're still paying for it! HAHAHAHA

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