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The drama club at BASIS Independent McLean (BIM) will premiere a sold-out, drive-through play on April 9-10.

Audience members will view the performance from their cars as they drive from scene to scene in the parking lot.

The school has been open on campus in a “hybrid” model since August 2020 with the Centers for Disease Control recommended health and safety guidelines in place. One safety precaution is that only staff and students are allowed in the building, which prevented the after-school club from a typical performance.

“Although I knew our theater wouldn’t be open to families because of COVID restrictions, I wanted our amazing drama students to have the experience of performing live in front of their family and friends,” says Laura Butchy, drama teacher and drama club adviser. “After seeing a drive-through play at the McLean Community Center, I knew it was ideal for our drama club. This format allows them to perform to live audiences and use their improv skills.”

BASIS Independent McLean commissioned “Midsummer Mystery from playwright Monica Flory,” who wrote the show to be performed by students in grades 4-12. She collaborated with Butchy to keep both performers and audience members socially-distanced and wearing masks.

“Midsummer Mystery” follows a community theater’s matinee of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that loses its magic when a wealthy donor’s car becomes drama central, and the potent potions within it fly away. Can a clever stage manager connect the clues in time to call the cues for the evening show? This theater’s future depends on it, according to a synopsis of the show.

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