Jennifer Wexton

Congressman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) speaks at a Democratic rally in Manassas on Oct. 31.  

Emboldened by success at the ballot box on Nov. 2, the National Republican Congressional Committee is adding new targets – including one in the local area – to try and defeat in 2022.

“In a cycle like this, no Democrat is safe,” said NRCC chairman Tom Emmer. “Voters are rejecting Democrat policies that have caused massive price increases, opened our borders and spurred a nationwide crime wave.”

The 13 new incumbent Democrats on the list bring to 70 the total number of House Democrats the GOP will seek to oust next November. Only a handful of seats have to flip for Republicans to regain control of the lower house of Congress.

Among those added to the list was U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-10th), whose district ordinarily would seem to be safe – but who will have to wait until redistricting of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts to see what the new boundaries will be.

Not wishing to miss the opportunity, Wexton the same day sent out a fund-raising appeal.

“We can’t waste a minute,” she said, asking for donations of $10 to $250. “I need your help early to ramp up my campaign.”

Perhaps in a nod to political reality, Northern Virginia’s two other members of Congress – Democrats Don Beyer in the 8th District and Gerald Connolly in the 11th – are not being targeted by Republicans. But two downstate Virginia Democrats (Rep. Elaine Luria in the 2nd District and Rep. Abigail Spanberger in the 7th) are on the GOP pick-up list.


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George Lawton

Allen is the former

Ralf Bee

Great, the sooner she is ousted, the better !

Stephanie Richardson

Cannot happen too soon. Let's get people with common sense and those who listen and represent everyone.

Allen Muchnick

After redistricting, VA-10 will likely be safer for Democrats than it is today.

The GOP has become the party of fear, hate, disinformation, science denial, and the obstruction of progress and justice. Most NoVA voters, who are better educated and less White than those in rural Virginia, won't be buying it.

Harry Morant

You are out of your cotton-picking Democratic Party of Slavery Mind! The DEMOCRATS are, hands down, the Party of Fear, Hate, Disinformation, Science Denial (see natural immunity), and the Obstruction of Reality (see men who think they are women) and Perpetrators of “Social Justice”, which is really the application of Injustice so hurt ‘feelings” can wallow in a the mud-hole of vindictiveness, like maladroit pigs. Most reasonable Virginia voters, who are better informed and more Patriotic, will NOT let you indoctrinated fools in NOVA shackle Freedom and the Truth. Not a chance, you woke morons.

John Dutko

Ted Cruz picked a fight with a muppet, Matt Gaetz is under investigation for underage sex trafficking, Gosar is encouraging violence, Giuliani dressed in drag and kissed Trump, Fox News lost their marbles because Starbucks made different coffee cups, Conservatives said Harry Potter is witchcraft, and you all fight for the right to be the worst people in the US.

Allen Muchnick

Harry, your reply epitomizes the disinformation, vilification of Democrats, fear, and hate that has typified the Republican party since Lyndon Johnson enacted the Civil Rights Act, Richard Nixon used the GOP's Southern Strategy to become president in 1968, and the racist Dixiecrats throughout the South joined the Republican party..

Duke Nukem

How do you deal with your white guilt Allen? Have you atoned for your original sin of being born white? I assume you are white, I am not, let me know if I'm wrong though.

Lynne June

Be careful not to confuse level of education with wisdom and critical thinking skills. I’m an independent voter but I note that people from the far right and far left tend to pigeonhole voters. That is neither educated nor wise.

Allen Muchnick

My original comment merely cited the likely demographic makeup of the new VA-10.

I was not disparaging the intelligence of rural and ex-urban White non-college-educated voters, although that clearly was the demographic that has supported the proto-fascist Donald J. Trump.

George Lawton

She used to be fairly attractive, I guess being part of that demonic system makes you look like garbage. Eyeballs bulging out of her head with that crazy leftist look on her face.

Lynne June

Good! I went to one of her “town hall” meetings and learned how uninformed and insecure she was. It’s sad when she has to invite the lobbyists to do the talking for her, runs a poor town hall, and the audience has to inform their Congressional Rep of a major fact she should have known. She was a deer in the headlights. She should step aside for some other more competent Democratic candidate.

Harry Morant

Another "poor little Democrats" story by Inside Nova. No Democrat is safe, IS CORRECT! and a VERY GOOD thing! These people have got to GO.

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