Oakton parking district extended

Fairfax County supervisors on July 30 agreed to expand the residential-permit parking district around Oakton High School to include new roadways, shown in red.

Fairfax County supervisors on July 30 agreed to expand the residential-permit parking district in Oakton to include three new roadways.

The new parking restrictions will be imposed on:

• The east side of Edgelea Road from Oleander Avenue to Brightlea Drive.

• The west side of Edgelea Road from Courthouse Woods Court to the southern property boundary of 2840 Edgelea Road.

• Both sides of Steven Martin Drive from Five Oaks Road to the inclusive cul-de-sac.

•The east side of Susan Rosemary Lane from Five Oaks Road to Steven Martin Drive.

Supervisors acted following a request from residents in the vicinity. The streets in question met the criteria of being either within 2,000 feet of walking distance from Oakton High’s pedestrian entrances or 1,000 feet from the school’s property lines.

Signage for the new permit-parking areas will cost $950 and be financed from Fairfax County Department of Transportation funds.

To have their application qualify for consideration, local residents had to pay $10-per-address fee and submit a petition to the Board of Supervisors asking for the establishment or expansion of the permit-parking district. The petition’s signatures had to represent at least 60 percent of eligible addresses within the proposed district and more than 50 percent of eligible addresses on each of its block faces.

Supervisors also had to determine  that at least 75 percent of the land abutting each block within the proposed district was developed residential.

Ongoing renovations at Oakton High School temporarily have reduced some of the school’s available parking, forcing students to park elsewhere. Sutton Road, on which the school is located, does not have any residential-permit-parking areas, but such restrictions exist on nearby Marywood Road, Oleander Avenue, Brightlea Drive, Hatmark Street, Hatmark Court, Logway Road, Snowbound Court, Tipperary Pass, Leamoore Lane, Strathaven Place and Lochmoore Lane.

Some neighboring residents opposed the new permit-parking areas, saying they would force students to park on their streets instead.

Brett Eisen, who is president of a homeowners association in the vicinity, worried the restrictions would reduce available parking elsewhere on Edgelea Road. Eisen said the community he represents consists of townhouses with single-car garages and that there are only four extra spaces available.

“Expanding that parking district, even just during the day, will push those cars farther down and affect our ability to support our guests and residents,” he said.

Such parking districts often make allowances for guests and restrict parking just to certain times of day, said Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova (D).  

Another resident who spoke at the meeting worried students might park on both sides of Five Oaks Road, making it more difficult for school buses to access Mosby Woods Elementary School.

Supervisor Linda Smyth (D-Providence) said she sympathized with neighbors’ concerns that parking was being shunted elsewhere during the school’s renovation, but said county officials’ options were limited.

“We have standards for these applications for residential-permit-parking district, and we cannot act proactively,” she said. “We have to wait until we can actually go out and count the cars and see that there [are] too many students parking there, and then it would qualify for another extension [of the parking district]. But until then, we cannot do anything.”

Smyth urged patience during Oakton High’s upgrades.

“The renovations are moving along and we are getting some student parking here and there along the way, but it’s going to be a couple more years at least before we’re done.”

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