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The town of Vienna will spend $1 million in 2020 capital-improvement program funds to have on-call contractor E.E. Lyons Construction conduct 23 water-main and appurtenance improvements around the town.

Work will include repair of aging infrastructure, installation of new water meters and other initiatives to improve the functionality of Vienna’s water system, town officials said. The town government will prioritize the projects based on data from water-main breaks and coordinate those efforts with other initiatives being done concurrently.

The town will use capital funds to pay the contractor to complete 23 projects, including water-main replacements at:

• Oak Street, S.W., from Cottage Street, S.W., to Birch Street, S.W.

• Statute Lane from Center Street to Judge Court.

• Tapawingo Road, S.E., from Park Street, S.E., to Lullaby Lane, S.E.

• Bowdoin Circle from Carnegie Road to the cul-de-sac.

• Glyndon Street, N.E., from John Marshall, N.E., to Springwood Court, N.E.

• Ware Street, S.W., from Tapawingo Road, S.W., to Kibler Circle, S.W.

• Yeonas Drive, S.E., from Desale Street, S.W., to Yeonas Circle, S.E.

• Yeonas Circle, S.E., from Yeonas Drive, S.E., to the cul-de-sac.

• Courthouse Road, S.W., from Maple Avenue, W., to Cherry Street, S.W.

• Garrett Street from McChesney Court to Gerken Avenue.

• Tazewell Road, N.W., from Holmes Drive, N.W., to Lawyers Road.

• Ross Drive, S.W., from Cottage Street, S.W., to Desale Street, S.W.

• Patrick Street, S.E., from Desale Street, S.W., to Vienna Park.

• Broadleaf Drive, N.E., from Beulah Road to Holloway Street, N.E.

• Blair Road, N.W., from Woodland Court, N.W., to the Lincoln Street connection.

• Mashie Drive, S.E., from Hine Street, S.E., to Echols Street, S.E.

• Between residences at 2550 to 2562 Rambling Road.

(Street listed without directional designations are served by the town, but outside its borders.)

The contractor also will abandon a booster pump on Coral Gables Lane; install telemetry on pressure-reducing valves at Maple Avenue, E., and Niblick Drive, S.E., and on Old Courthouse Road; cut and cap old well connections on Glyndon Street, N.E., and Beulah Road; and insert valves at sites yet to be determined.

Vienna officials will post the projects on the town’s Website, notify all residents who will be affected by the work and give them contact points before construction starts.

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