With three quarters of the year down and one left to go, Philadelphia has slightly lengthened its lead over Fairfax County for real-estate supremacy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

With 1,573 residential transactions going to closing last month, the City of Brotherly Love has grown to 15,100 sales for the year, while Fairfax County, with 1,533 transactions in September, stood at 14,901.

Figures were analyzed by the Sun Gazette according to data reported Oct. 12 by MarketStats by ShowingTime, based on listing data from Bright MLS.

Philadelphia’s holding the lead slot is nothing new, although last year – when Pennsylvania imposed more draconian COVID-response measures than Virginia – Fairfax came out on top in 2020 sales. This year, Philly has rebounded: Its sales total is up 32.1 percent from the same eight-month period in 2020, while Fairfax County is up 22 percent.

Other jurisdictions that have seen more than 9,000 total sales this year (among the 70-odd localities in the Mid-Atlantic region) included Montgomery County, Md., 11,788 (up 23.2 percent); Baltimore County, Md, 9,525 (up 15.3 percent); Montgomery County, Pa., 9,525 (up 18.3 percent); Prince George’s County, Md., 9,263 (up 16.9 percent); and Anne Arundel County, Md., 9,324 (also up 16.9 percent).

Across the Mid-Atlantic as a whole, there have been 248,100 home sales recorded over the nine-month period, up 16.7 percent from 212,571 a year before. (Sales in September, however, were down 4.2 percent to 28,025.)

Among the roughly 50 localities in the survey that have seen more than 1,000 home sales so far this year, only two have posted year-over-year declines: Ocean County, N.J., which dropped 1.9 percent to 2,579, and Frederick County, Md., which was off 1.8 percent to 1,375.

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