Vienna to purchase Beulah Road property

This aerial photo shows the location of a residential property at 440 Beulah Road, N.E., which the Vienna Town Council on May 21 agreed to buy for $712,000, plus closing costs.

The Vienna Town Council voted 7-0 May 21 to purchase a residential property at 440 Beulah Road, N.E., and use it for public purposes in the future.

The 0.43-acre property now has a one-story, single-family detached home built in 1955, plus a driveway and a rear-yard wooden deck. The site, owned by Mark Hopkins, is assessed at $680,350, slightly below the town’s purchase price of $712,000. The Council’s decision also allots up to $2,000 for closing costs.

The purchase will allow the town to square off its adjacent property on Beulah Road, which contains a mulching facility. Town officials have not decided what to do with the site, but said one possibility was using it as a temporary location for the Vienna Police Department when its station is renovated and expanded in the next several years.

Any new uses of the site would require the town to obtain a conditional-use permit from itself, said Deputy Planning and Zoning Director Michael D’Orazio.

Council member Howard Springsteen said the Vienna government needed to seize opportunities to buy properties such as the Beulah Road site to further the town’s purposes.

“If we don’t move on some of these things, we can lose it,” he said. “They’re not manufacturing more land.”

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