Top news and notes from across Northern Virginia.

5. Burglar grabs 12,000 lottery tickets

A burglar reportedly stole 12,000 lottery tickets and 170 cartons of cigarettes in a break-in early Saturday morning, according to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

4. Former youth pastor sentenced

Jordan Baird, a former youth pastor and aspiring pop star, was sentenced to three years in prison Monday on two counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor while in a supervisory position.

It's the second conviction for Baird, 28, who already served a five-month jail sentence after a 2018 conviction in a similar case.

3. Sunny Tuesday and Wednesday

The region will have a chance to dry out after Monday’s flooding. Tuesday and Wednesday will be sunny with highs around 87 degrees. The heat index will reach around 97 degrees Thursday, with a chance for showers and storms in the afternoon.

Search your zip code on our weather page for the latest local forecast.

2 American Red Cross blood supply low

With less than a three-day supply of most blood types available, the American Red Cross is facing a blood shortage and has an emergency need for blood and platelet donors, according to a news release.

The call for donations comes after a difficult July Fourth week for donations when hundreds fewer blood drives were organized by volunteer hosts than a typical week, compounding a shortfall of more than 24,000 blood donations in June. 

Put your zip code in the American Red Cross map for the closest donation opportunity.

1. Smithsonian celebrates new sea lion pup

There's a new set of flippers at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, where American Trail keepers are celebrating the arrival of a California sea lion pup.


The American Ballet Theatre has three performances of “Swan Lake” at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center July 11-13.


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