Keany Produce food donation Catholic Charities

Keany Produce made its first food drop-off Tuesday in Manassas.

Keany Produce, a family-owned Maryland-based company with distribution points in Richmond and Landover, Md., partnered with Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington’s St. Lucy Food project to raise almost $100,000 for local food pantries.

The Keany family matched an almost $50,000 contribution from Good Shepherd parishioners and neighbors, bringing the total donation to just under $100,000.

Keany made its first produce drop-off Tuesday, totaling almost 8,000 pounds of food, at the St. Lucy Food Project Warehouse in Manassas. 

“This effort demonstrates how the community is coming together in creative ways to meet a growing and pressing need for food during this pandemic. Long food lines demonstrate the real economic toll the COVID-19 health emergency is having on our neighbors,” said Art Bennett, president and CEO, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington. “Generous partnerships between businesses and parishes, such as Keany’s with Good Shepherd, enable us to meet that need.”

With the onset of the pandemic, Keany Produce developed contact-free purchases for a $30 box of produce. They quickly added a “pay-it-forward” option to send a box to a participating charity.

Good Shepherd Catholic Church nominated Catholic Charities St. Lucy Food Project as a charity, and the Keany family quickly decided to match every donation to the St. Lucy Project.

“It’s through social media that this thing happened, and the success is really astounding! It’s astounding,” said Ted Keany, Vice President of Sales and a Good Shepherd parishioner. “We’re honored to be part of this effort and to be able to serve people in need during this time.”

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