Northern Virginia woke up to heavy rain and wind from Tropical Storm Isaias, with dangerous roads for some and power outages across parts of the area.

Dominion Energy was reporting, nearly 4,500 without power at 10 a.m. Most of those customers were in the Fairfax County.

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office said a driver and their occupants had to be rescued from their car on Harrell Road this morning after the vehicle became trapped.

A flood warning has been issued through 1 p.m. for Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.

Northern Virginia remains under a tropical storm warning, with flooding as the primary concern for most of the area.

The warning area includes all of the region, with the exception of Loudoun and Fauquier counties. A flash flood watch has been issued for all of Northern Virginia.

An additional 2-4 inches of rain is expected in the region. The Chesapeake Bay and tidal Potomac River could see a storm surge of up to 2 feet.

The flash flood watch is for the entire region until 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Virginia State Parks in the area are closed Tuesday due to the storm. Reopening Wednesday will be based on conditions, officials said.

Some trash collection in the region has been suspended Tuesday due to the storm. Check with your provider.

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Hopefully, someone told Dominion Energy.


Hopefully, you are the only one whose power go out since you are always so negative. I just understand why you won't move. You spew your racist/bigot hate everyday.


Your day isn't complete without a comment from crazy derek005's idiot self.

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Whatever, I’d love for you to come up with one disgusting comment I’ve ever made?


Derek, people like you have destroyed the meaning of the word "racist". It used to mean someone who hated people of a different race and treated them differently, such as in hiring, getting a loan, or joining a club. Now it means you disagree with them about a comment on a tropical storm.


There is a difference between racism and systemic racism.


Completely agree. However, you have to understand the SG Editor completely supports the status quo. Other news blogs actually use surrogate commenters to attack commenters the Editors / Publishers don't like.

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Hello again, Allen


systemic racism is a myth peddled by leftists. basically saying all white people are inherently racist. it's false..not everything is racist and leftist progressives have so over used this term it means nothing anymore and symbolizes essentially everything someone doesnt like or support. the fact we are discussing racism on a post about a storm is a perfect example of this.


This has been going on....and on....and the United States for the past 60 years.

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