Del. David Ramadan

Del. David I. Ramadan, who represents parts of Loudoun and Prince William counties, announced today that he’s not running for re-election.

In an emailed statement, Ramadan (R-87) said waging a campaign for another two-year term would be a costly endeavor that would harm his business, which, in turn, would not be good for his family.

“While I firmly believe that I would once again be able to win my race, it has become clear to me that the amount of time and effort that it will take to raise the funds needed will require me to continue to neglect my business for the next seven months,” the lawmaker wrote. “Unfortunately, this is just not sustainable for me and my family.”

Also in the statement, Ramadan went into some detail about how much of an undertaking a campaign would be.

“The 87th District is one of the most Democratic districts held by a Republican in the entire Commonwealth, which means that my next election will be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, just as my previous two have been,” he wrote, noting that he probably would have to raise more than half a million dollars in a re-election bid.

He said he’s proud of what he’s been able to do in Richmond in two terms, especially authoring a constitutional amendment providing survivor benefits for the widows of military members who were killed in action.

And he pledged to continue the work for which he’s perhaps best known: fighting what he considers “outrageous” tolls on the Dulles Greenway.

“As a private citizen, I will continue this effort, even if it means taking it to the Virginia Supreme Court,” he wrote.

He also expressed personal appreciation to constituents in a text message to Leesburg Today from the floor of the House of Delegates, which is meeting today in Richmond.

“It is the highest honor of my life to have served them in Mr. Jefferson’s Capitol,” Ramadan wrote.

Loudoun County Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau, a close friend of the delegate, quickly issued a statement this afternoon about Ramadan’s news. The lawmaker represents all but three of the precincts in Letourneau’s Dulles District.

“Delegate David Ramadan has been a good friend for many years, and a close partner for my term on the Board of Supervisors,” Letourneau (R) wrote in an email. “We have worked together on countless issues, and his efforts and willingness to go to bat for our constituents have been a huge help to me.

“I am particularly grateful for Delegate Ramadan’s work to secure state funding for the Braddock-Pleasant Valley Roundabout, and the Route 606 widening project. Both projects are now starting construction, and will be a lasting testament to the commitment that Delegate Ramadan has to his constituents.

“While I will miss having David as a partner in Richmond, I know that he will still find a way to have an impact as a private citizen, and I hope that he will consider returning to elected office in the future if he is able to.”

South Riding resident Jewan “Jack” Tiwari recently launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 87th District.


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