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County Board members recently made the following appointments to government boards and commissions:

Jennifer Connor was appointed to the Aquatics Committee. Sara Rubalcava was appointed to the Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing. Adora Williams was appointed to the Civil Service Commission. William Way and Alfonso Lopez were appointed and Herschel Kanter, Lincoln Cummings and Cheryl Beversdorf were reappointed to the Commission on Aging.

David Carlson and Susannah Halworth Dunn were reappointed to the Commission for the Arts. Jose Quinonez was appointed to the Community Development Citizens Advisory Commission. Emily Norton was appointed to the Crystal City Citizens Review Council. Lynn McQueen was appointed to the Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission. Steven Krieger was appointed to the Human Rights Commission.

Peter Lauria has been appointed to the Industrial Development Authority. Ben English, Colton Gibbons and Kateri Gajadhar-Smith have been appointed and Michael Griffin has been reappointed to the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families. Chris Slatt has been reappointed to the Transportation Commission. Al Leach has been appointed and Matt Chiste has been reappointed to the Trespass Towing Advisory Board.

In addition, Steve Baker has been designated as chair of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission.

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Same Old Same Old from One-Party Government....

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