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Arlington County Board members recently made the following appointments to local boards and commissions:

Frank Bellavia was appointed to the Arlington 100th Anniversary Steering Commission. Alexandra Rothenburger and Michelle Santuso were reappointed to the Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission. Charles Sims and Laura Saul Edwards were appointed to the Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing. Carl Brooks, Sophie Shen and Martha Villanigro-Santiago were reappointed to the Commission on Aging.

Marsha Semmel was reappointed to the Commission for the Arts. Nehal Abouelnor was appointed as a student (non-voting) member of the Commission on the Status of Women. Diane Duston was reappointed to the Community Development Citizens Advisory Commission. Frederick Blemano was appointed as a student (non-voting) member of the Environment and Energy Conservation Commission. Ozge Kocak was appointed as a student (non-voting) member of the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board.

Guamaral Erkhembayar was appointed as a student (non-voting) member of the Human Rights Commission. Jocelyn Diaz-Gonzalez was appointed as a student (non-voting) member of the Information Technology Advisory Commission. Cristina Diaz-Torres was appointed to the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission. David Howell was reappointed to the Park and Recreation Commission, while Ryan Gormley was appointed as a student (non-voting) member. Kim DeBlauw and Ann Marie Douglass were appointed to the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, and Madeline Vazquez-Pena was appointed a student (non-voting) member.

Ryan Schaefer was appointed and Steve Severn was reappointed to the Sports Commission. Darren Buck was appointed to the Transportation Commission.

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