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Arlington County Board members on July 21 made the following appointments to local boards and commissions:

Trish Madden and David Pilch were appointed to the Aquatics Committee. Adele McClure was appointed to the Community Services Board. Daron Coates, Steven Cooper and Catherine Lynch were appointed to the Economic Development Commission. Chanda Choun was appointed to the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission.

Jose Quinonez was appointed to the Human Rights Commission. Bill Braswell, Francesca Guerrero, Ed Hilz, Dwight Hlustick and Kevin Sweeney were reappointed to the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission. Shirley Brothwell was reappointed to the Sports Commission and was designated as chair. Kellen MacBeth was reappointed to the Tenant-Landlord Commission and was designated as chair.

In addition, Josh Folb was named chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation Choices.

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[rolleyes]Complete Streets Translation: Another component of "Smart Growth" planning whereby residential streets and sidewalks in quiet neighborhoods are repurposed for multi-activity multi-neighborhood recreational uses, leading to social crowding, traffic congestion, and continually increasing vehicle / pedestrian accidents.


It's lunacy to be against more bikers and more recreation options we already have an obesity epidemic in this country in addition to a global warming crisis, we should do everything we can to encourage alternate forms of transportation like biking which kills two birds with one stone.


'Complete Streets' is also a big gift to Developers who are not required to contribute for the purchase of open space. Reckless riding by the worst of the bicycle cult that trails are too dangerous for walkers and runners. Sidewalks in urbanized neighborhoods are also becoming hazardous. Time is overdue to move Smart Growth to the Rust Belt and make older cities there 'vibrant' again.

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