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Arlington School Board member Monique O’Grady and new County Board member Erik Gutshall were on hand for the Jan. 6, 2018, salute to departing Arlington County Democratic Committee chairman Kip Malinosky.

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The Virginia General Assembly has added its tribute to the life and civic career of Arlington County Board member Erik Gutshall, who died last spring.

In a resolution patroned by Del. Patrick Hope and other members of the Arlington delegation, the legislature lauded Gutshall as “a respected entrepreneur and dedicated public servant.”

Gutshall, who lived with his family in Lyon Park and was president of Clarendon Home Services, was serving on the Planning Commission in 2017 when he was elected to the County Board.

After a brief bout with brain cancer last year, he died at age 49 on April 16, leaving behind his wife Renee and their three daughters.

The resolution made note of Gutshall’s service on the Planning Commission, Transportation Commission and board of Doorways for Women and Families, as well as serving as a County Board representative to a number of regional and state bodies. It also noted his devotion to Western Presbyterian Church and to youth-soccer programs.

It also noted his commitment to working “diligently to build a stronger, more inclusive community and enhance the quality of life in the region.”

“Admired as a true gentleman, a good man and a servant-leader who demonstrated genuine care for his fellow Arlington County residents, Erik Gutshall was a passionate advocate for affordable housing and the creation of sustainable, walkable communities through the use of ‘missing-middle’ housing options.”

A copy of the resolution, which passed both houses of the General Assembly unanimously, will be presented to the Gutshall family.

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