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HomeAid Northern Virginia recently completed its 150th project building and upgrading emergency shelters and supportive-housing facilities for those experiencing homelessness.

Together, the projects have enabled more than 167,000 of Northern Virginia’s most vulnerable residents – from families experiencing homelessness to victims of domestic abuse to runaway teens – to have a stable place to live.

“The 150 projects we’ve completed since that time bring hope and dignity to individuals and families struggling to obtain stable housing,” said Kristyn Burr, executive director of HomeAid Northern Virginia, the charitable arm of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association.

HomeAid Northern Virginia has invested more than $18 million into housing options across Northern Virginian communities, ranging from construction of a new residence for pregnant teens, to updating the kitchens and bathrooms of supportive-housing properties, to expanding local food pantries, to installing upgraded security at domestic-violence shelters.

More than half the projects – 80 in total – have taken place in Fairfax County, including efforts with Cornerstones (16 projects), Gabriel Homes (three projects), Final Salute, Pathway Homes (three projects), Shelter House (three projects), the Brain Foundation (two projects) and, most recently, the Closet of Greater Herndon.

Anna Smith, director of development for Pathway Homes, said one of the projects supported by HomeAid was a kitchen/bath renovation in one of its properties.

“When HomeAid came in for a walk-through, they asked our residents what they needed and what they liked,” Smith said.

Residents at the home “were stunned that their opinion mattered,” she said. “Being asked for input gave them such pride of ownership, and being involved in the decision-making that will make their home beautiful was priceless.”

The milestone 150th project was the recently completed renovation of the Winchester Rescue Mission, where HomeAid Northern Virginia’s “builder captain” Dan Ryan Homes and three construction trade partners replaced flooring, repainted and expanded storage in the 1930s building – and donated nearly 100 percent of the $70,000 renovation cost.

Winchester Rescue Mission provides housing for 33 individuals, serves up to 80 people with its nightly dinner, and provides additional support through its food pantry. This project also marks HomeAid’s first project in Frederick County, Va.

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