Photo of Yorktown's Kip Davis

Kip Davis received a recognition award from the Better Sports Club of Arlington on Oct. 9.

For 30 years, Kip Davis was a fixture in many ways, wearing various hats, at Yorktown High School. His full-time job at the school was as a security officer.

Prior to working at Yorktown, Davis was a coach of different sports in Northern Virginia, touching the lives and influencing the sports directions of thousands of athletes and students in Arlington

Davis recently retired from his position at Yorktown and has moved to the Lexington, Ky., area to take care of his special-needs sister, Kelli.

“I had a wonderful run at Yorktown,” Davis said. “I got up every morning and loved going to work, and I loved the people I worked with. I really wasn’t ready to retire, but with Kelli’s situation, it’s the right time to go.”

Davis was honored Oct. 9 by the Better Sports Club of Arlington, an organization that selected him as high-school Coach of the Year for Arlington in 2002.

“Kip’s impact on our school extended well beyond his coaching girls basketball years ago,” Yorktown director of student activities Mike Krulfeld said. “He continued to help out with baseball as a scorekeeper and mentor until his final years, and perhaps most notably, he coached our unified track and basketball teams, which participated in numerous Special Olympic events. He has made an impact on students across the athletic ability spectrum at Yorktown High School.”

Kelli had been living with Kip Davis in Northern Virginia and Kentucky since their mother died a few months ago.

“It’s very inspiring and touching to see how Kip cares for his sister,” said Gary LaBella, a longtime friend of Davis who spoke about his contributions at the Better Sports Club on Oct. 9.

From 1996 to 2003, Davis was the girls head basketball coach at Yorktown. He was an assistant varsity baseball coach at the school for the past 26 seasons under three head coaches, including the last six under current coach John Skaggs. Davis coached junior-varsity baseball prior to being promoted to varsity.

“Of all the coaches I ever worked under, John Skaggs was the most efficient,” Davis said. “He really cares about his players, and he had a big heart to keep an old man like me around to help.”

Skaggs didn’t know Davis when he became Yorktown’s head coach, but was advised to keep him on his staff. Skaggs quickly learned he could heavily rely on Davis for multiple tasks.

“Kip was my source in the building, was always there and he helped me with everything,” Skaggs said. “The players loved being around him, because he was so upbeat with them. It is a concern now not having him.”

Before he coached at Yorktown, Davis was a recreation-league basketball coach and referee, then later a travel-team basketball coach.

Davis has run a popular youth summer basketball camp in Arlington for many years, and will return to do so for four more years.

“I think I coached Arlington kids for 37 years overall, and counting,” Davis said.

On the playing field, Davis was a standout flag football and adult softball player in various leagues.

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