Arlington Democrats turn eyes to North Carolina for outreach efforts

The Arlington County Democratic Committee in coming weeks and months will be working to support its political compatriots in North Carolina.

The local political party plans both letter-writing efforts and trips to the Tar Heel State as part of an initiative it has given the slightly clunky designation “Arlingtonc” – “Arlington-to-North-Carolina.”

“We are really excited. It’s going to be so important,” said Steve Baker, who heads “Beyond Arlington” initiatives for the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

That effort was developed several years ago, in order to give local Democrats (who generally run the table in Arlington elections while barely breaking a sweat) an outlet to support campaigns elsewhere. The North Carolina effort is a collaboration between the main party and Arlington Young Democrats.

In addition to North Carolina’s potentially being a swing state in the presidential race, its residents this fall also will select a governor, U.S. senator and state legislators, among other posts.

Arlington Democrats also are planning phone banks for U.S. Senate candidates in battleground states, as well as providing support for a number of Virginia Democratic congressional freshmen hoping to hold their seats.

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North Carolina is the next Virginia, we as Democrats throughout should be pooling our efforts are brothers and sisters down there, whether it be phone banking, and those in Southern Virginia should drive and canvass as well, others who can't should donate to the Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham and NC Governor Roy Cooper, along with Democrats seeking office in the General Assembly.

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