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The Arlington County Democratic Committee in early March is expected to make its ad-hoc Inclusion and Equity Committee a permanent standing committee.

The goal, deputy party chair Maggie Davis said, was to “do better including more people that look like the population of Arlington” in Democratic Party activities.

As part of a change to party bylaws, the chair of the new committee would sit on the Democratic steering committee. For 2021, the chair would be an appointee – most likely Corey Barton – while starting in 2022 it would become an elected position.

Davis, who was filling in for party chair Jill Caiazzo at the Feb. 3 meeting, was ready to call for a vote on the matter when she was reminded that, for procedural reasons, no vote could be taken until the party’s next meeting, slated for March 3.

If adopted, the bylaws change also would add representatives from a host of outreach committees to the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s steering committee.

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Equity? What Equity? This is a political party whose VIPs talk like Bernie and live like Hillary. Whose VIP President talks like a Progressive and lived in Delaware like a DuPont (his next-door neighbors). Arlington Dem Old Guard live in luxury single family detached homes and call anyone who lives in a modest single family detached home "racist". Say they want to be more inclusive but have gentrified first the workforce and now the middle class out of Arlington. Then there are the big yellow dogs (you know who they are) who have more money than Bezos and Buffett combined. Reality: "Equity" is another Arlington charade buzz word like Car-Free Diet and Affordable Housing.

Allen Muchnick

Thank you for spreading sunshine again!

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