Tim Kaine Business Forum Dumfries April 6

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., address a crowd of business leaders at a roundtable at the El Paso restaurant in Dumfries April 6.


U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said he learned a lesson about the politics of the immigration debate from an unlikely source this year: a Republican from South Dakota.
Kaine was one of the lead negotiators on a proposal to create a legal status for “Dreamers,” immigrants who were brought to this country as children and were protected under the Obama administration’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program before President Donald Trump acted to wind it down last fall.
As the junior senator from Virginia worked with his colleagues across the aisle to strike a bargain, Kaine said he gained some interesting insight on the issue from U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D. While Rounds may be among the Senate’s more conservative members, he told Kaine that he’d be willing to support a deal on Dreamers for the simple reason that his rural state needs more people, not less.
“He kept saying, ‘We do not have the workforce,’” Kaine said in an interview after a campaign stop in Dumfries on April 6. “We always lead off talking about this issue by saying, ‘We’re a nation of immigrants, look at the Statue of Liberty.’ But we need to lead with that economic piece a bit more. Workforce is the key to a good economy. And immigration is the key to a good workforce.”
Kaine believes that even the most conservative Republican will eventually come around to such an economically focused argument on immigration, even after Trump has shown a staunch unwillingness to support any deal on Dreamers without hefty cuts to legal immigration as well. That’s why he holds out hope for the success of the repeatedly failed negotiations on the issue, and why he’s so enthusiastic about talking about immigration as he mounts his re-election campaign.
Kaine has spent the last week barnstorming around the state as he kicks off his bid for a second term in the Senate particularly focused on the economy. He convened a roundtable of business leaders at the El Paso restaurant just off Va. 234 in Dumfries to hear ideas from Prince William County’s business community, but also to proclaim that he believes he can “win the economic argument” over any one of the three Republicans vying to unseat him.
Whether he’s up against Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, former lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson or Del. Nick Freitas, R-30th District, Kaine has full confidence that he can successfully link the value of immigrants like the Dreamers to his broader vision for the future of Virginia’s economy.
“Dems sometimes make a mistake: We let Republicans do economic issues and we do others,” Kaine said. “But economic issues are the ones that are most important to the most people. I can look at any of my three potential opponents and say, there’s differences and similarities, but I can win the economic argument against any of them because I have experience in my community and also statewide trying to bring jobs to the hardest hit parts of the state.”
All three contenders in the June 12 primary have said previously that they plan to win by offering their full-throated support of Trump, and the massive tax cut congressional Republicans passed late last year. Though the benefits of the legislation were largely tilted toward corporations and the wealthy, the GOP remains confident that the tax cut will effectively neutralize any argument Kaine can make on the economy.
“Kaine voted against tax cuts and for shutting down the government,” Garren Shipley, the Republican National Committee’s Virginia spokesman, wrote in an email, referring to the brief government shutdown stemming from the standoff over Dreamers in January. “Virginia voters have every right to be skeptical of Kaine — whether he’s talking about economic growth or running an ‘inclusive’ campaign.”
But Kaine says he isn’t concerned in the least about running against the tax bill, considering that he believes the average voter will see only a nominal change in their paychecks from the legislation.
“When you give a steep permanent tax cut to big companies and a modest temporary tax cut to individuals, you’re showing your priorities are wrong,” Kaine said. “We didn’t direct it toward regular folks at all. Let them make their argument, I’ll make my argument.”
Kaine instead hopes to avoid what he saw as a mistake he made while running for vice president alongside Hillary Clinton in 2016 — listing off a “laundry list” of economic policies, instead of making a clear, simple economic pitch. His message is a Virginia that “works for all,” or “para todos” as he reminded attendees Friday in his fluent Spanish.
That means championing immigration and connecting it to how immigrants can build a robust workforce, but also another issue that hasn’t gotten much attention in Congress: infrastructure. Kaine says Trump’s plan to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure spending largely on the back of incentives for private companies “landed with a thud” in Congress, and he’d much rather see the federal government open up its wallet for major road projects, even referencing the problems commuters face on Va. 28 through western Prince William — that earned a cheer from Del. Danica Roem, D-13th District, who made the issue central to her campaign last year.
“Infrastructure investments are a lot better way to compete and win in the global economy than starting a trade war,” Kaine said, blasting the Trump’s efforts to put billions of dollars in tariffs on foreign goods.
But beyond any technical policy argument, Kaine believes the election will come down to Virginians’ distaste for Trump’s “instinct to divide,” on immigration issues in particular.
He was particularly frustrated by Trump’s remarks criticizing Dreamers on Easter Sunday, and he expects that to motivate voters come Nov. 6.
“Mr. President, you may be through with Dreamers, but I can assure you, the Dreamers and the people who care about them are not through with you,” Kaine said.

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Dreamers are illegals. Illegal means illegal. Kaine wants to ignore federal laws and should be prosecuted. Not to mention the clown is an embarrassment for Virginia.


Not just Kaine. The entire Democratic party supports illegal immigration no matter what.


ENGLISH language and writing skills are paramount to the workforce! Hell, I can't even order at McDonalds without misunderstandings! If you want to "dream" learn to speak English!


The real dreamer is you Senator Kaine.
You think you have the upper hand on the economy, immigration issues and the upcoming elections.
You don't.

You are not listening to the American people.

If you were you would understand that they are dead serious about putting a stop to the massive hordes of legal and illegal immigrants that have are are invading our country. They are in this fight for keeps, they will not accept defeat and they will strongly support anyone, especially President Trump who both champions and supports this cause and our nation.

You are dreaming when you think that the tax cuts aren't a big deal. America's economy is exploding with growth like it hasn't seen in many decades. No Democrat has participated in this turn around. And now you think that the American people, including your own voter base are going to let you (liberals) take that jackpot and give it to the illegal immigrants? What parts of it you don't sneak into your own pockets first.

You are dreaming when you think that the American people don't understand how this horribly cruel mess with immigration came about. That they don't understand that it was you the politicians in cahoots with big business power brokers that have pitted the good people of two, three even more nations against each other to the point of ever lasting hatred of each other. You think that you are slick enough to use this hatred to your own advantage by coming down on the immigrants side instead of
supporting America and her citizens. It is bad enough that you (liberals) continue to stoke the cruelty of it all for your own self aggrandizement but to keep rubbing salt in the hurt is worse than sickening.

You are dreaming Senator Kaine. You do not have your fingers of the pulse of our nation, including the immigrants. People did not go to the polls and elect President Trump for no reason. They did this because he had demonstrated that he understood, supported and would do something about the mess our nation was putting up with. You think that the American people are not aware that in spite of the unbelievably obsessed non-stop effort by the media and members of both political parties to destroy the man, his family and administration the man is succeeding like no president ever has, including Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. And now Americans are going to abandon him and support your (liberals) cronyism again. Not a chance mister. Not a chance in hell that will that happen.

You may well win reelection Senator Kaine. If you do it will be because Virginia has been severely infected with liberal thinking. But America is not. Nor are the immigrants, legal and illegal. We are a nation that is rapidly healing itself no thanks to you, the Democrat Party, the media and Washington, DC deep-state establishments.

As far as milking the legal and illegal immigration mess goes you are riding a dead horse Senator Kaine. Dead horses do not win anything, nor do the dreamers that mount them.

Remember this rant Senator Kaine. It is not about you. You alone do not merit earnest passion. Everything about liberalism combined doesn't. I said at the beginning that you (liberals) are not listening to the American people. But one day soon you will. The American people will have their say loud and clear.


If your an illegal alien, Kaine is your man.DACA recipients care about one thing, themselves. They have used billions of taxpayer dollars, American citizens have been victimized by the thousands by illegal aliens. But what matters to illegal aliens is getting as much as they can from any benefits they can get.

40,000 veterans homeless, 1-4 citizens unemployed and this is the priority for the Democrats. Remember these immigrants have cost American taxpayers billions of dollars and could care less. There is an estimated 800,000 DACA recipients in the US. That is 800,000 jobs American Citizens dont have or will be in competition for. There not all picking strawberries they take great Jobs. Good enough jobs to buy homes put their kids through college. So when you hear of the contributions by illegal aliens paying taxes. Remember that also is at a cost in jobs citizens should have.
Some of the costs associated with illegal immigration, we will pass this burden on to our children as has been passed on to us. We've been paying this for decades.

*The CBO (congressional budget office) estimates it will cost American taxpayers 26 billion over the next 10 years if 1.8 million re legalized.

*The cost of educating illegal aliens children is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers $122,000 for EACH illegal alien student. This does not include the billions spent on bilingual education for illegal aliens.

*Currently city, and state officials are appropriating millions of taxpayer dollars for legal fees to to file law suits and in defense of illegal aliens being deported.

*2012 illegal aliens sent home $62 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin. This is why Mexico is getting involved in our politics.

*30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Does not include local jails and State Prisons. At $21,000 per year expense per inmate in Federal PrisonU do the math.

*$3Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens, I repeat 3 MILLION a DAY to process Illegals in the Criminal justice system.

*$2.2Billion dollars a year is spent on is spent on food assistance programs such as SNAP (food stamps) WIC, & free school lunches.All can be found on google.




Do NOT vote for Kaine. He's disrespecting America with all of his "para todos" garbage. The illegals have swarmed into OUR country by the MILLIONS and they are costing us BILLIONS. Do NOT vote for Kaine.


The problem is that as long as northern counties keep building townhouses and jamming in as many people as they can, Va will continue to vote blue.

Booger Eating Moron



Kaine is the boil on Hillary's ass that just won't go away.


Since Hilary won't go away, why would the boil disappear?


Part of the argument for Dreamers (& illegal aliens in general) in the workforce is that there isn't enough people to fill the need for low paying, unskilled labor. At the same time, Dreamers are touted as the stars of the upcoming generation, who are all at the top of their high school class, from families that have jobs & pay taxes. Why would a kid going to med school mow a lawn? There are plenty of native born citizens who are applying to med school & would like financial assistance, why do we need to import people for that?

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