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Gov. Ralph Northam and U.S. Sen. Mark Warner are urging the General Assembly to expand Medicaid, saying such a move would free up money to help schools.

On Thursday, the two Democrats sat down with more than 20 teachers, faculty and parents from Richmond Public Schools and surrounding counties to discuss how this would work.

Last week, Northam introduced a new state budget proposal that includes Medicaid expansion and takes a slightly different approach to spending that could shape the debate when lawmakers return for an April 11 special session.

The special session was called because legislators couldn’t reach an agreement on the budget during their regular session. The House of Delegates wants to expand Medicaid, the health-care program for low-income Americans. The Senate opposes that idea.

Because the House’s Medicaid expansion plan would be funded with federal dollars and a new tax on hospitals, budget writers had more money to spend on public education and other services. The Virginia Education Association estimates the House budget allocated $169 million more to K-12 schools than the Senate version.

“We have had the opportunity since January 2014 to expand Medicaid, to give approximately 400,000 working Virginians access to quality and affordable health care,” Northam said at Thursday’s meeting at Albert Hill Middle School. “Morally, it’s the right thing to do in Virginia. No individual, no family, should be one illness away from being financially alive.”

The House version of the budget would increase state aid to $5,617 per student next year and $5,690 in 2020. In the Senate version, state aid per pupil would be $5,583 in fiscal year 2019 and $5,589 in 2020.

“It’s budget time in Virginia, and we, the General Assembly, did work in a bipartisan way,” Northam said. “All of this happened because of folks coming from both sides of the aisle. The most important bill we haven't finished this year is our budget.”

Warner said the commonwealth faces same challenges he encountered as governor in 2002-06.

“Gov. Northam has inherited a challenge that has been around for the last six or seven years,” Warner said. “That is the question of when we talk about education, we also have to talk about health care.”

People at the meeting pointed to numerous funding issues in education, including outdated resources, dilapidated school buildings and overcrowded classrooms. They also said schools don’t have enough full-time staff members such as guidance counselors and nurses,

Northam asked teachers who had full-time nurses at their school to raise their hands. He then asked teachers who did not have full-time nurses. The response was split 50-50.

Rodney Robinson, a social studies teacher at the Virgie Binford Education Center, said the lack of guidance counselors and nurses caused some schools to lose accreditation.

“Instead of just being a teacher, we’re now being a social worker, the counselor,” Robinson said. “If we can get those (guidance counselors and nurses) back in the school systems, I can guarantee you’ll see more teachers in those harder-staffed schools because there is less work burden on them.”

Melinda Lawson, an eighth-grade English teacher at Albert Hill, echoed Robinson’s frustration.

“For Richmond, we have a very difficult time creating 21st-century learners when we don’t have the resources to do so,” Lawson said. “I’ve been in this building for 14 years, and I’ve worn many hats in this time. We’re always trying to get there, and everyone else seems to be where we’re not, and we’re aspiring to get there.”

Northam said “providing a world-class education” is a priority for his administration.

“There is power in every child, and we need to make sure every child in Virginia reaches their maximum potential,” he said.

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Illegal immigrants will not be able to get medicaid. Period. I have never seen so much false information in all my life. You do realize that there are over 300,000 people in Virginia without any medical coverage? Do you know who ultimately pays for that? You and I do.

My TwoCents

If we’re already paying for it what’s the problem? Taxpayers will pay for it one way or another. You want to help reduce school costs, medical costs, welfare costs for all hardworking American tax-paying citizens? Build the wall.


You are paying a lot more than is necessary for those costs. Sick people aren't productive members of society. What do you really think "the wall" is going to do for you?

I just find ignorance tiresome.

My TwoCents

I have been sick my whole life and still a very productive member of society. Sick of ignorant libs like you mostly. If you are not aware of the billions of dollars US citizens foot for illegal aliens then you are hopelessly uniformed, my friend.


Buddy, I've gotten a (small) disability check for the last 15 years and still held a job & been productive. If the wall cuts down on the unaccompanied minors from Central America, I'll be thrilled.

BTW, I know healthy people who are drain on society because they simply just LAZY.

Comment deleted.
Whodat Ninja

I was going to post a similar comment but you beat me to it. Well said and 100% correct.

Brad London

CCW is correct. We don't want and we don't need Medicaid expansion. It is not affordable. Northam is just another wacky liberal democrat who has no clue.


Instead of expanding Medicaid, how about opening up a couple orphanages. As taxpayers, we seem to get the honor of paying for kids that parents can't afford over & over again. Instead of throwing money at these people, just make the kids wards of the state - the state is paying to raise them anyway.

Star Man

Fake: Pretty much everything posted by CCW on this site. Bunch of nonsense.


There are four kinds of people.
1. Those who make things happen.
2. Those who watch things happen.
3. Those who never do anything.
4. Those who postulate pretty much everything with pretty much everything.

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