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Plummeting achievement among Arlington students during the county school system’s year-long lockdown is being used by national Republicans in an effort to oust two downstate Democratic members of Congress.

The National Congressional Campaign Committee on March 5 pointed to a report in the Arlnow online site, citing Arlington Public Schools data acknowledging significant declines in grade-point averages and increases in students failing classes during online-learning, to press its case against U.S. Reps. Abigail Spanberger and Elaine Luria.

The GOP effort targeted campaign funds taken by the two legislators from teacher unions, organizations that been massively resistant to resuming in-person teaching.

“Virginia children are suffering but Elaine Luria and Abigail Spanberger just see dollar signs,” the GOP group said. “They both received over $20,000 from teachers’ unions and don’t want to anger their big donors.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee in Feb. 10 included Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District (currently held by Luria) and 7th Congressional District (Spanberger) on its list of 47 seats Republicans will target in the November 2022 election.

(Each was seen as a pickup opportunity for Republicans in 2020, but GOP contenders fell short.)

Democrats currently control the U.S. House of Representatives by a slim five-vote majority, having lost ground in the 2020 election despite the victory of Joe Biden.

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