Ann Wheeler

Ann Wheeler

A Haymarket woman announced Monday that she will run for chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in the November 2019 election.

Ann Wheeler, who has lived in the Haymarket area since 2001, said in a news release that she will campaign to “build the schools we need” and “pay our teachers what they deserve,” according to a news release.

At-large Chair Corey Stewart is on the ballot in three weeks as the Republican nominee challenging U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine. The Democrat is seeking a second term.

“I will be a chair who can bring vision, leadership, integrity and inclusivity to the position,” Wheeler said. “Prince William County’s reputation has declined and suffered throughout Virginia and the country with the divisive and embarrassing rhetoric under Corey Stewart’s 12-year tenure. Mr. Stewart’s limited vision and short-sightedness has left our county with some of the most overcrowded schools and worst traffic in the region. The election in 2019 must see a change in the direction we have been heading.”

Wheeler ran against Pete Candland in 2011 to represent the Gainesville district on the board. Candland, a Republican, garnered more than 56 percent of the vote compared to Wheeler's 43 percent.

Wheeler has been a Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative board member for 14 years. She has also served on the Hylton Performing Arts Center Board for the last two years.

She recently completed a two-year term as president of the Prince William Committee of 100, a non-partisan civic organization that provides a forum to raise awareness of county issues. Wheeler served as chair of the Prince William County Board of Social Services from 2010 to 2011.

“I will bring inclusiveness for all citizens to Prince William County,” Wheeler said. “As chair of the board of social services, I developed a clear sense of the key challenges facing our large and diverse county and the issues that must be addressed.”

She also said she would make Prince William County attractive and welcoming to large and small prospective businesses. “Every four years we hear candidates’ campaign on bringing more commercial business to the county; yet our homeowners are still paying over 80 percent of the county real-estate taxes," Wheeler said. "This needs to change."

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I WILL Vote GOP this November as I can't afford the tax and and spend philosophy of the Democrats. I will NOT however vote for near-sighted Stewart who only seeks cash in his pocket via extra cash in the pockets of all developers...I can;t vote for dumbo kaine either (gosh what horrible choices we have in VA). No where in this announcement did she speak on how she will pay for all her goody-goody programs...lets get to the heart of that matter. We may want to drive a Cadillac but right now all we can afford is a Kia...lets resolve to get waste and fraud out of the government and out of the schools (budget and personnel)...then lets prioritize what we want to do then lay on top of that what we can afford to do...people..this isnt hard stuff IF we put the legal County citizens first. Wake up...Vote GOP (except for Stewart) this November.


At the heart of democracy lies the ballot box. Help stop the madness. If you are sick, tired, and afraid of trump and his Republican enablers then please vote BLUE on November 6.


It's time to crank up the blue wave babblelator again.

When Democrats say words like diversity, vision, leadership, integrity, and inclusiveness then add the catch-all "for all citizens" the babblelator instantly tells us what all of it means in Prince William County.

Unlimited immigrants welcomed (legal and nonlegal). No restrictions on any kind of sexual orientation or gender related issues and enough money coming from the taxpayers to pay for the new schools and teachers needed for this segment of our population.

Next up the babblelator predicts an increase of Trump bashing shortly. This will auto-shift into 150% intensity if Stewart wins next month because that means Trump's border wall is a very real and present danger to the Democrat's plans for Prince William County.

Allen Muchnick


The last time I checked, illegal immigrants are not U.S. citizens, so "all citizens" excludes all illegal immigrants..

Hatred of others based on national origin, religion, or sexual orientation has no place in our society. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and immigration and diversity contribute significantly to our nation's greatness.

The biggest pressure on local taxes has been the decades of auto-oriented residential development that the Republican-controlled Prince William Board of County Supervisors has authorized over the past several decades. So, if you want lower taxes, better educational opportunities, and a more livable county, vote for smart-growth Democrats!


Whew.. thanks Allen.
For awhile there I was worried that something was wrong with the babblelator.

But lo and behold it done up and smoked one right out of his mom's basement filled to the brim with bubbling liberal hatred of others jibber-jabber and Democrat misfired again talking points.

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