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Manassas Vice Mayor Ken Elston announced Monday that he is resigning this summer as he plans to move to North Carolina for work.

Elston, the director of the School of Theater at George Mason University, will become the associate dean of arts and sciences and director of performing arts at High Point University in High Point.

"There will be more to say in the coming weeks, but this council has achieved some great things in the past few years, and I feel satisfaction and pride at having been a part of this city’s storied history," Elston said during the meeting Monday.

A Democrat, Elston has served on Manassas City Council since he was first elected in 2014, and won re-election in November, helping to give Democrats their first majority on City Council.

"I want to thank the citizens of Manassas who have given me the opportunity to serve this community and offer my appreciation for support and words of grace," he said.

Elston's resignation will be in effect July 31.

City Council may appoint an interim council member until a special election can be held. The process for making the appointment will be up to the council.

The council also will petition the Circuit Court for an election to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.  A special election can be held during a general election or at a date the council requests.

The election will be important in determining control of the council. If a Republican wins the seat, the council will be split and provide Republican's an advantage when votes on the council require a tie-breaking decision from Mayor Hal Parrish.

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