The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted 5-3 on Tuesday to recognize June 2019 as LGBTQ Pride month in a resolution offered by Supervisor Frank Principi, D-Woodbridge.

Principi was joined by supervisors Victor Angry, Maureen Caddigan, Pete Candland and Marty Nohe. At-large Chair Corey Stewart and supervisors Ruth Anderson and Jeanine Lawson voted against the resolution.

For the second year in a row, the county acknowledged June as Pride Month, Principi said.

The board voted after 22 people spoke in favor and no one spoke against the resolution.

Aaron Edmond, who ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic Primary for Occoquan District supervisor, spoke in favor of the resolution.

"This is a matter of life and death," Edmond said.

School Board member Lillie Jessie, who represents the Occoquan district, also spoke in favor of the resolution.

"The gay community shouldn't have to hide," Jessie said.


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I am not surprised the POG stewart voted against this.. but Ruth? Come on Ruth.. you are good people.. Don't be the "party line" bigot like some others. You were raised better.

Ed Pa

If that were true, the government under Pence would not be removing protections for the LGBT community. There are many who want to outlaw anything other than relationships between those of opposite sex and preferably the same skin color and discrimination is rife. If those who claim moral superiority exercised any morals or ethics at all we would not have so much poverty and such a high infant mortality rate.

Todd Jones

Are you including partial-birth abortions that are favored by so many on your side of the aisle in the "high infant mortality rate?"

Ed Pa

Total BS. Nobody "favors" late term abortions; they are purely a medical necessity to save the mother when the fetus is already dead.


Actually Ed if the fetus is already dead then it’s deemed a miscarriage and not an abortion. Every late term abortion is performed on a living unborn baby, thus the term “abort” as in ending a pregnancy. Not sure if you are speaking from ignorance or just being disingenuous.

Ed Pa

Ok, brain dead. Using the wrong term but late term abortions are very rare and only to save the mother.


Baloney. Living by the Word of God does not mean that the person is claiming any kind or sort of moral superiority. In the Bible God sets the foundation of what is right or wrong behaviorally by saying (paraphrased) , "Thou shalt not lay down with your own kind, nor with the beasts in the field.." As far as I can tell that has been in place since the Garden of Eden. I don't need to search google for the latest "standard(s" to know what is right versus what is wrong. LGBT behavior is a sin against God. It also means that God will forgive those sins when a person repents. It is that damn simple. That said my original comment stands with the following codicil. The PWC supervisors vote not only betrayed the citizens of our county and state it betrayed their Creator via their oath of office declarations.

Ed Pa

There is so much in the bible that is ignored because it is inconvenient. Picking the ones you agree with is not an option.


You speak as if you are an expert on these issues. Choosing to ignore God's Word, the Bible is and has been the sole property of the Democrat Party dating as far back as the American Civil war. Today it has transformed itself into the most hateful, hate filled aspect of our society especially considering God, whether Christian or Jewish it does not matter. Is that a matter of socialistic convenience better facilitating their goals and objectives or a choice that says, "We are greater than He is!" Hence LGBT is hereby declared acceptable so there is nothing wrong with forcing it down everyone's throat whether they like it or not. EdP take your pick, choose and roll over Rover or else arguments elsewhere. I don't for a second buy any of it.

Ed Pa

You have a very odd interpretation of "hate". The LGBT community would be happy to be ignored but you cannot do that because of your interpretation of a 2000 year old, much translated book.


EdP you stated that, "The LGBT community would be happy to be ignored.. et al" If that is true then why in the hell do they demand 24/7/365 front row center attention and 100% acceptance of their cockeyed views by every person in our country? If forcing your wishes onto others that don't want them isn't hatred what the hell is it? Your arguments are full of holes.

Ed Pa

What wishes are they forcing on you? The wish not to be beaten up? Not to be killed? You have a problem with them; they have no beef with you. If they were not assaulted, murdered, discriminated against, there would be no special celebration. They would just be.


EdP - ref: "What wishes are they forcing on you? The wish not to be beaten up? Not to be killed?" Your comments sound more and more like the hit & run liberal news media does. Stretch things just enough that the rope doesn't snap and lop people's heads off. The entire LGBT philosophy / methods of operation depends on fear and intimidation to get what it wants. It works too. If it didn't work the spineless PWC supervisors wouldn't have caved like a bunch of wet dish rags and passed their contorted bill. As far as being beaten up or killed goes perhaps the LGBT should practice what you claim they believe and preach. Far from it. In reality they are forcing their garbage onto the rest of society using gutless elitist politicians, ignorant news media and entertainment organizations and generations of outcome based educators. Everything about them reeks with sick minded brain washing of the most vulnerable factions of our society; children. Today they are so confused and mixed up that they don't know what they are even though all they need to do is look down to see what God made them at their birth. The parents and grand parents visiting our local parks that have to stop and explain to their children what the "gentlemen in the woods are doing" or that whatever the display of sexual perversion is is actually okay and normal. The baker that has his family owned business destroyed because he refused to bake two LGBT members a wedding cake or the photographer that refuses to shoot their loving event. Over and over and over the LGBT pushes our politicians and society to the extremes of their patience to the point that they are just short of outright rage. Then like mobs of crows or wolves the LGBT activists dash for the safety of our liberal courts and judges wailing this little piggy is very afraid now your honor. Make him stop okay? Here is the bottom line EdP. I am from a generation that smacks back. Only when I smack back I fully intend to put the aggressor out of commission. The best thing that the LGBT crews could do to actually assist their cause(s is be still and listen to what the rest of our society, any society has to say. If they did that then there would be little, if anything to debate as far as their claim to their desire for peaceful coexistence goes. Right now the LGBT movements are as far away as possible from that or being what they claim that they are. If that kind of life style gives them grief or makes them afraid tough!


i try to ignore them, i really do..however their flags and everything are in my face everywhere i turn so it's hard to ingore. i really dont care about LGBT people, they can do what they want, but dont add me into the festivities or think that i do or want to approve of their lifestyle as i simply dont care. That's what LGBT people need to understand, the number if people that actually "care" about the lifestyle they lead is minimal.

Tim True

CCW is showing that his hatred and ignorance towards the LGBT community is just as strong as his hatred against the Hispanic community. This type of religious extremism is a very dangerous thing in any society.

Ed Pa

Absolutely Timt and we saw what happened to Bob Marshall. The times are changing.


This act is a morally reprehensible spineless betrayal of the citizens of Prince William County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


the fact that this is such a bigger deal than the multitude of other problems to be handled is what's really an issue. i find it interesting how jessie says "the gay community shouldnt have to hide" really? everywhere you turn there is a pride flag, sticker, etc..and guess what, LGBT people get a whole month to tell everyone about it! so they dont seem to be hiding very much. yet native american month or military appreciation month passes with nary a whimper. just a little hint..not as many people care about someones sexuality as you think.

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