Prince William supervisors delay vote on gun reform resolution

An overflow crowd opposing a gun reform resolution in front of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors filled the lobby of the county's administration center on Jan. 7.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted 8-0 on Tuesday to table a proposed resolution supporting gun safety legislation and funding for mental health services.

During a meeting Jan. 7, the new Democratic-led board heard from more than 100 people, most of them gun-rights supporters, after new Chair Ann Wheeler proposed a resolution that would back gun safety efforts in the General Assembly, including increased background checks and red flag laws that would allow courts to confiscate weapons in particular cases.

Democrats with a majority in the General Assembly this year are poised to pass several gun safety measures.

The former Republican-led board in Prince William County voted in December to support a resolution focused on their support for the Second Amendment. The local resolution stopped short of requiring county employees to refuse to enforce any new state laws — a measure that has been backed by counties in other parts of the state.

Supervisor Victor Angry, D-Neabsco, said the meeting last Tuesday was a "hot topic." He said there were incidents that were heated or unprofessional, such as pushing.

Angry said the county should allow residents to visit Richmond to share their thoughts with the General Assembly.

"This is a state issue and it will be handled as a state issue," Wheeler said.

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gun issues were not the top voter issues. i'm pretty sure heatlh care, transportation and others are the most important. guess everyone totally forgot about the opioid epidemic that essentially had ground zero in rural virginia. Guess they dont care if us hicks die off.

Gene Ralno

Many democrats simply have been going along with radical hyenas engaged in the most savage hounding of constitutional principles since King George. Perhaps this signals an awakening to the reasons America is strong and prosperous. If it continues, I fear we'll fall from the brink into an unwanted revolution.


Project Veritas? You mean the one that was busted for trying to bug a Senator's office? Where one project tried to get a reporter alone with a bunch of sex toys? The one that all the credibility of a slug? That Project Veritas?

Surely you can do better that that purveyor of lies and Fake News.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Here is some food for thought about the objectives the new board and their plans for achieving them. Make no mistake about the facts - these new people were put in place by forces outside of the County, and the State.


Democrats have been the violent ones ever since we took their slaves away. Remember John Wilkes Booth? They are outraged constantly and have no tolerance for differing views. The only red flag law I think we need is keep an eye on Democratic voters. But, even then I wouldn't seize their guns unless they actually threatened others. It's unconstitutional.


Last I checked those Dixiecrats went over to the GOP and now own that party. That you have to bring things up that happened over 100 years ago speaks volumes about the emptiness of your arguments.

And btw consider this, the vast majority of terrorism related murders have been committed by right wing domestic terrorists. Even the Daily Caller admitted that.

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