A lesbian couple in Prince William County is pressing for an apology from Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, R-Brentsville, after she told their 15-year-old daughter that she believes “children deserve a mother and a father” in an exchange outside a polling place on Election Day.

Evelyn and Heidi BruMar of Gainesville said their adoptive daughter, Rose, was handing out sample ballots for the Democratic Party outside Gainesville Middle School on Nov. 7 when she encountered Lawson.

Though only Evelyn BruMar witnessed portions of the interaction, the married couple said their daughter told them about her exchange with Lawson that day. The girl said she mentioned that she had “two moms” and Lawson subsequently told her that “every child deserves a mother and father in a biblical sense,” a comment the supervisor confirmed in an interview.

“She might believe that, but that was meant to hurt my daughter and devalue her,” said Evelyn BruMar, one of Lawson’s constituents who also volunteers as a Democratic activist. “You shouldn’t say that sort of thing to a child. That’s bullying.”

Lawson said she remembers at least part of that conversation. She was greeting voters at the polls in support of Del. Bob Marshall, R-13th District, when she struck up a conversation with the teenager, a sophomore at Patriot High School, who told her “one of my moms doesn’t like you.”

“That caught me by surprise a bit,” Lawson said. “She told me things about her family life, and I told her in a very polite way, I said I believe children deserve a mother and a father. It was not a debate about anything.”

Lawson stressed that the conversation was “pleasant and civil,” and that the pair made small talk for several minutes afterward.

Evelyn BruMar said she arrived to find three other women arguing with her daughter.

“When I walked up, lots of people were yelling, just getting aggressive,” she said. “I jumped in as soon as I got there, and told them, ‘This is not how you have a discussion with a child.’”

Lawson confirmed that those three women (whom she didn’t know by name, but knew were volunteering on Marshall’s behalf) had gotten into “a disagreement about abortion” with the teenager. But the supervisor said she didn’t get involved in that conversation, and didn’t speak to Evelyn BruMar when she arrived.

Evelyn BruMar is puzzled why Lawson didn’t intervene at the time or why she would allow the situation to escalate with a teenager involved.

Now the BruMars are hoping for an apology from their supervisor or even for the full Board of County Supervisors to go a step further and censure Lawson for her comments.

“When did it become acceptable for an elected official to bully a child?” Heidi BruMar said during her comments at the board’s Nov. 21 meeting. “Someone is coming to unseat you in 2019...Bullying won’t be tolerated in this community.”

But Lawson is adamant that any insinuation that she acted inappropriately is “completely false.”

“There was nothing at all hostile about my conversation with the young lady, so much so that we continued to talk about her guitar lessons afterward,” Lawson said.

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[yawn]Tuesday is LGBTQ Correctness Day on Inside Democratic NoVa.


Are you serious? This isn’t news at all. Any teen who is out campaigning is mature enough to hear diverse views. That’s not bullying. This story should be considered an in-kind donation to Prince William Democrats.


[tongue]Several on the Inside Nova Staff have been closeted LGBTQ for many years, so what can you expect?

Jack Print

I applaud any parent who wishes to help a mature-enough teen to become involved in the political process. But part of politics is accepting that the other party also has an opinion, and learning to discuss differences in a calm and accepting manner.
Ms. BruMar believes that her teenage daughter is mature enough to work on a political campaign, and to hand out sample ballots for the Democrat party on Election Day, outside of her mother's presence. She has also discussed her dislike of Supervisor Lawson with her daughter. But when the teen volunteers to Lawson the fact of her mother's dislike, she apparently believes that the teen isn't old enough for Lawson to discuss it with the teen.
Supervisor Lawson could have told the teen that her mother was wrong. She could have given a sermon like a Preacher during a Sunday service. She could have told the teen that her mothers were sinners, or some such thing. She did none of these. She merely stated her own viewpoint, calmly and without rancor. Yet Ms. BruMar accuses her of bullying – and then goes even further, and blames Lawson for a conversation in which Lawson did not participate. Even more absurdly, she seems to believe she can read minds when she claims “that was meant to hurt my daughter and devalue her. You shouldn't say that sort of thing to a child. That's bullying.” A discussion is not bullying.
Ms. BruMar is confused. Is her daughter old enough to participate in electioneering at a polling place? Or is she a child who must be protected from any political opinion? It cannot be both.


It is not merely that Ms. Lawson inappropriately told a 15 year old that her parents' lifestyle did not yield children who would be raised properly, but that she allowed three other women to harass the girl without interceding.

just me

I will start by saying I believe everyone has the right to their own lifestyle. That does not mean I agree with it. We are allowed to teach our children whatever we want whether it is socially accepted is another story. We are allowed our opinions as individuals and just because its not the same as yours doesnt mean we are bad people. Im so sick of people that get offended and cause a stir just because I dont think the same way they do. Doesnt sound like she did anything so terrible so lets move on with our life and accept not everyone has the same views as you and its ok. good grief


Yet another example of how liberals are messed up. Poor girl has two "parents" of the same sex and the girl gets upset that it's pointed out that it's better to have a male and female parent. This "family" probably has a dog that goes "meow".


And your parents were probably brother and sister. Inbred conservatives like you are what Virginia rejected on election day.


First of all I know Jeanine very well. She is a Christian and that shows in her life and what she does everyday for her constituents. She is caring and listens and helps all of those in her district. In this day age you can't have a conversation without being held responsible for your feelings and convictions in negative ways. This lovely young girl was helping with an election and obviously she was mature enough to be there and engage in discussions. Her mothers gave their permission and were probably proud she was there. It is sad that now people don't accept that there are different beliefs and don't accept other views. If their daughter has never encountered a comment like this one it is unbelievable and she needs to know how handle and accept that some people may express their beliefs. I feel that this may be a politically motivated push by the mothers. I hope it is not because Jeanine is not a bully, and takes into account feelings of all people. This was a conversation not a political statement. If we can't have conversations there is no future in learning. I pray that this problem is resolved without any future public postings. God Bless America and God Bless All Americans.


This was a set up. Ms. Lawson would never have known and could never have guessed that the young lady had "two moms." The young lady approached Lawson with the intent to start an argument. She knew what she was doing when she said that one mom didn't like Lawson and that she had two moms. No apology needed. However, in a perfect world, married husbands and wives have and raise wanted children. We do not live in a perfect world and if a gay couple want to raise a kid, so be it. Better then those kids being stuck in "the system."


Your backwards thinking that same-sex couples cannot provide decent care is an affirmation that your own parents (who I'm going to assume are man and woman, and possibly brother and sister), did not raise you properly.


Agree. Inside Nova is complicit. Arlington Edition of Inside Nova has become well known for being a valuable asset in the total control of Arlington by the Limo-Liberal Democratic Party for more than 35 years.


After the beating we gave you on the 7th, we don't need newspapers help.


Perhaps this isn't the first instance of Ms. Lawson sharing her religious perspective in a political setting. In my brand of Christianity, we are taught to judge not lest ye be judged as well as do undo others as you would have them do undo you.

Ms. Lawson might want to try these two Christian concepts on for size rather than her own rigid brand.

Jack Print

One can believe it is preferable for children to have a father and a mother without religion entering into that belief. This non-church-goer also believes that children do best when raised by a father and a mother. No one has claimed they cannot do well with parents of the same sex, but that they do BEST when raised with both male and female role models.
This issue is not about religious beliefs. It is about the mother's claim that her child was mistreated by Lawson. It is clear she was not.


Thanks for that completely non-factual based comment. Your beliefs are as ridiculous as those as Ms. Lawson's.

Nick Danger

Sorry, you may live your life as you choose, you can't make anyone accept it. Whatever form of mental health issue that promotes this life style, you seek endorsement not tolerance.


It isn't a mental health issue. No more than your own ignorance is.


We live in an upside down society right now. It is also hostile to Christians. This especially true for Christians who do the "unthinkable ". They speak of right, wrong, morality, etc. Jesus warned us of this. If she is wise she will, "count it all a joy". Believers will love and support her. Those who are hostile will remain so. I pray that the young girl will hear about the joy, and freedom of being a Christian rather than the distorted lies that she is exposed to now.


Jesus told you to love others, to care for the poor, and to turn the other cheek. Instead you guys are ascribing to some 'Jihadist' version of Christianity.


sounds like mom is trying to start trouble and then put a twist on it come on now

Local News Person

It's a sad world where children are taught that they are being "devalued and bullied" if someone expresses an opinion that varies from an opinion that they themselves have or that their parents have. I believe this teen's Mom needs to receive some sensitivity training. This article doesn't indicate that the teen was troubled by the statement, and most likely that is probably true. Once the Mom overcomes her problems of not being accepting of others, she should be able to apologize to the daughter for her inappropriate and immature behavior.


I love all of the ignorant comments in this comment section from people who don't even know this little girl or her family. I do, and they couldn't be nicer. They provide more love for their child than most "traditional" couples would ever do. You're all right about one thing. You do have freedom of speech. But with that freedom of speech, comes consequence and responsibility. Also, when you are an elected official, you gain additional responsibility and are ethically banned from doing the same things you might do if you weren't serving the public. You can tell someone, "you don't agree with their 'lifestyle'" all you want, but guess what? They have every right to hurl back at you and tell you THEIR opinion and that's exactly what happened hear. Sorry Republican snowflakes, that you don't like the fact that you all got put in check, but guess what darlings, you did. And in "Democratic Northern Virginia" it's only becoming more and more blue, so if you don't like it, MOVE! We don't want ignorant, redneck, racist, bigoted, fake Christian lunatics living in our county anymore and we are happy to see you and your families go! In fact, I'll help you pack! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out though. Conservatives, with their high and mighty sense of worth and fake values, love to put others down and tell them that they are less then others, but then when they finally get put back in check they scream and cry like a bunch of snowflakes! Jeanine Lawson WILL be unseated in the next election. Count on it, and the PWC Board of Supervisors WILL go blue. Don't like it? Then get the HELL out of our county, now!

Jack Print

"We don't want ignorant, redneck, racist, bigoted, fake Christian lunatics living in our county anymore and we are happy to see you and your families go! Then get the HELL out of our county, now!"

And there you have it. A perfect example of the oh-so "tolerant" left.


Oh please, the left doesn't need to be tolerant of your intolerance. We see bigots like you and we push back.


This was a conversation where views were exchanged in an apparent civil manner. NO apology necessary. PERIOD.


Ms. Lawson needs to learn some manners and how to behave like a responsible adult. It would appear she was raised in a barn.


Ms. Lawson acted poorly towards a child. She needs to display the manners of a decent human being rather than those of a farm animal.

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