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Could a teachers’ strike be coming to a jurisdiction near you? One state legislator wants to make it possible.

Del. Lee Carter (D-Prince William) is patroning legislation to allow employees of school boards across Virginia to strike. The measure, coming from one of the more far-left members of the legislature, may not seem to have much chance of success, but after Democrats took power in Richmond last year, Virginia’s venerable and until recently bipartisanly supported prohibitions on collective bargaining and other union activities among government employees at the state and local government levels are beginning to be eased.

Under legislation approved last year, organizations representing public-sector employees soon will be able to engage in collective bargaining with localities, but only if those localities agree to it.

That legislation, however, did not make it legal for public-sector workers to strike, nor did it curtail the power of government to fire those who illegally do so.

The legislation from Carter – who has launched what most likely is a long-shot bit for the Democratic nomination for governor – would change that.

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A better option would be to dissolve public sector unions - teacher & police unions at the head of the list. Both groups have problems with bad apples, dissolving the unions would allow for those bad apples to be removed.

Besides, teachers keep going on about how they want to be considered professionals. 'Professionals' generally are not represented by unions. Pick one or the other.


No one should be harsh on Mr. Carter. Unions and the Justice Democrats helped him to be elected, so he owes them their due. My opinion is that it is unethical for educators to strike. The victims are the students. Even President Roosevelt was against public employees forming unions. I had to belong to one in another state and hated it. The union lawyers and union bosses lived high on the hog, attending fancy dinners and conferences along with other perks. If we did get a raise, our rise in union dues obliterated into support the union lawyers and union boss leeches.


I don't think teachers are really worried about ethics. Unions certainly aren't worried about them.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

So few reasons left to be supportive of public schools.


I went to a private school. Give me reasons why the public should be supportive of them.


Lee Carter is such an out of touch tool...if teachers want to strike they have the entire Summer to strike.


I disagree,

Hes is their darling, im just waiting on the U.S. Marines or Mr. Carter himself to provide proof of an honorable discharge.

I mean, he served so proof of service would be the honorable thing to provide....




Still waiting on Trump's tax returns...


But I thought they became “teachers” for the love of children?


Parents won't love using vacation days to stay home with their kids during teacher strikes. Some options in teacher contracts could be updated: offer teachers the opportunity to opt out of their VRS pension for more pay instead. Teachers contribute 5% to plans and the employers contribute around 13% (some to benefits, some toward unfunded liabilities, etc). But for a qualified teacher who might only be in the system for four years, why not pay them in salary instead of locking them in to a lifetime pension requirement?

not into politics

Allowing teachers to not contribute to VRS would be a disaster, not only for retirees, but for those who will retire. Having a pension when many do not have any income but social security and possible savings is a valuable asset that should never be an option. Even if someone chooses to leave, the money is not lost and can be redeemed or rolled into another system's retirement plan.


Haha, but that money can be taken away from you at any time. Sure, you were ushered into a pension. Just like how social security was supposed to be implemented for a temporary while, this pension non-sense has stood the test of time. Until of course, the time when there is no money left on the gravy train. And thats pretty much here as I type these words....So, its not looking pretty. Sounds like your Very much into politics, or the idea that my money is your money, money earned is money yearned.

robin h00d [ninja]


For lifetime teachers, you're absolutely right. Retiring around age 55-62 with a pension is a nice benefit. My idea is to hopefully help two items. First, a qualified teacher that perhaps moves to Virginia for a known short time might be more encouraged to enter the workforce (if only for a few years) and may prefer to receive the higher pay today than a promise of a few thousand dollars in pension money in a decade or more. One year my son had no science teacher -- ultimately they went virtual but it would have been great to entice a qualified science teacher to come in. Would an extra 10% pay have made a difference? Perhaps. Second thing is that it would help highlight the total benefit package with more clarity for the teaching profession. Teaching is rarely to be a lucrative career, but the benefits provided and flexibility offered are quite competitive for many. Being transparent about the total benefits received may encourage young people to reconsider the teaching profession and draw in more future talent. I do believe the long-term pension benefit is very valuable and makes sense for most teachers, especially any that plan to be in the system for a while. But if someone wanted to opt out for good cause and it attracts talent, how hard would it be to explore that possibility?


"But for a qualified teacher who might only be in the system for four years, why not pay them in salary instead of locking them in to a lifetime pension requirement?"

Because thats called freedom,conscious capitalism, and the government working on your behalf.

All aboard the gravy train!


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